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  • This could go in weekly randoms, but there's already a lot there, so... Yesterday I had a cup of Greek yogurt and some carrots for snack. I was driving from my FT job to my PT/evening job when I realized I didn't have a spoon to eat my yogurt. I definitely used a carrot slice to eat my yogurt.  :D
  • I have def slipped this week and been short with my family and weepy (I don't cry v often in normal times) and my poor partner must be like WTF lol. I have ben really trying to reel in my reactivity to my feelings bc my emotions are so MUCH this week lol. I am pissed, sad, happy, thankful, wanting to yell, to cry, gahhhhhhh. I feel like I owe anyone that I have interacted with this week an apology  :#
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  • lol @RDFree32 yesssss carrot spoon
  • @bkjade same! Except more so with my two dogs lol. They have been annoying me so bad, and I have zero patience. I actually had to go for a drive the other day to get out of the house and be alone 🙈

    @mockingjay1 I agree! I would also take it a step further and say the mask mandate being lifted in general was premature and stupid, I had a bad feeling from the very beginning of it. Now it seems like it’ll be impossible to bring it back now that everyone had a taste of freedom (and spreading covid 🙄). 
  • @mockingjay1 I also agree. Our mask mandate is still in place. They decide next week if the kids need to wear them in school. I hope to make them. Honesty, I think high-school kids should also have to be fully vaccinated to go to school. They have made it mandatory for inclass at a lot of Universities so I don't think high-school should be different. 
  • @kaitcrystalline It will be interesting to see if vaccine mandates become more common once they are FDA approved. It sounds like Pfizer might be FDA approved tomorrow.

    @rgn12 I 100% agree the CDC made a mistake announcing people didn't have to wear masks so early. Too much faith was placed in people to get the vaccine and to wear masks if they chose not to get it. 
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  • I agree with everyone here.  Lifting the mask mandate so early was the wrong choice.  Especially for kids in school.  I also think not having an option for remote school at all is a huge mistake.  What if some kids are medically fragile or have vulnerable family members?  That should always have been an option. 
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