Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Cramping 5 days after D&E

Hi- i am having painful cramping five days after D&E. I would rate it about 7 or 8- it kept me up last night. I am not bleeding, i see tissue in the toilet when i potty- no fever. Are the cramps normal ? 

Re: Cramping 5 days after D&E

  • So sorry sis...you really need to check in again at the hospital for a scan...probably few tissues left inside....
  • Hi, I very much want to know how you progressed after your miscarriage. I am having problems after my D&C over a month later and not sure if it’s normal. I do hope you are doing better.
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  • So sorry for your loss. I was cramping really bad for 5-7 days after my d&c. After the cramps were on and off with little blood loss. Then again 3 weeks after I was cramping again badly with blood. I worried and called a nurse who told me it was normal. Then 2 weeks after I had regular period. Having a hot compress really helped out throughout the cramping pain and I took some Tylenol as well. If really the pain is unbearable, it’s better to seek medical advice
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