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Preterm/early term questions

Has anyone had a baby preterm or early term? If so. What was your experience? How did you know labor was starting? Was baby put in nicu? How long was the stay? I'm 34 weeks and having symptoms but questioning the validity of it all.

Re: Preterm/early term questions

  • All 3 of my kids were preterm (first one was born at 35 weeks, twins also born at 35 weeks). My first was always big in the womb - he came out 6.5 pounds and he was perfectly healthy. He had a little wheeze on him so they made sure he could sit upright in a car seat before we left the hospital but no other problems. My twins were also about 6 pounds each and were in the NICU for 3 days. Son needed a feeding tube and daughter needed a CPAP but they were both okay all things considered. No developmental issues as they got older.
    Some folks have babies preterm that need a lot of care, and others don't. Just depends on how they do in-utero but ideally singleton babies should grow to 40 weeks if possible.
    What do you mean you're questioning the validity of your symptoms...? Is your doctor predicting an early birth for you?
  • I, too would like to know what symptoms you are having?

    All three of my kids were born preterm, my 5yo was born at 35 weeks, no NICU time needed, he was 6lb6oz at birth. My 2yo was born at 36 weeks and had a traumatic birth and was in NICU for 21 days for respiratory distress. My 13mo was born at 32 weeks and was in NICU for 33 days. All of my births were preterm due to my health and not because I went into labor spontaneously.
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  • If you think you are having preterm labor, please call your doctor.
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