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Can someone please explain the process of a D&C? How long where you in the hospital after it was completed? Did anyone have damage to their uterus ? Where you able to hold your baby? I am in second term- I want to hold my baby! 

Re: D&C

  • I had one done this week. They gave me general anesthesia, when I woke up it was all done. It took about 20 minutes for the whole procedure and was out about 30-45 minutes later. I had the surgery done at the hospital so I don’t know if it’s different if you get it done in a private clinic. Couldn’t see the baby or anything. As for the procedure, they told me they used a tool to scrape the uterus and vacuum everything out. I don’t know if my uterus was damaged. I’ll know at my follow-up appointment in a month. The obgyn who did the surgery told me it all went well. So I am hopeful everything will be alright. I was told by the nurse that D&C is a very well known low risk procedure so it is very rare there are complications and that it was done quite often too. 
  • @lyeeria I am sorry for your loss! are they able to give you any ashes or anything from your baby? I have an existing tear in my uterus so everyone is on high alert for complications. I am very scared 
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  • @relizabethp so sorry for your loss too. I was not able to get anything. :(  I hope your d&c will go on smoothly with no issue! 
  • @relizabethp I had a D&E last year at 14 weeks. It was a lot faster than I thought it would be. My procedure was maybe around 9am, and I was home before noon. Honestly, I don't remember too much regarding what they did (I didn't ask any questions, I didn't want to know). All I remember is being asked a bunch of pre-surgery questions, was hooked up to the IV, and then I woke up. I had bleeding/spotting for maybe a couple weeks, nothing too serious. Maybe took pain meds for a day or two. I didn't see the baby or get ashes or anything because I didn't want that, but I hope that you are able to hold yours. I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I wish you a smooth procedure and recovery. 
  • @lisa3379 - how did you move on emotionally? 
  • @relizabethp I don't know, I just did. And it was a huge shock how I was able to do it easier than I ever thought. My situation was different from yours - I had to have a D&E for medical reasons regarding the baby. I think I just kept telling myself that we'd keep trying, that that was the best decision for our family... it also helped that it was early in the pandemic and I was knee-deep in homeschooling two preschoolers, so that took a LOT of my energy so I wasn't dwelling on things. (I know for others that don't have kids already, it probably would've been a VASTLY different process.) It just took some time. Trying to conceive again a couple months later helped me move on, too. New beginnings, I guess. 

    What was weird is that I started wondering about myself and how it was that easy for me to move on - did I have a heart? Was I not as attached to the pregnancy at that point, so it was easier? I think the latter was true to an extent, because again, early in the pandemic it was nuts and I was distracted. At any rate, I surprised myself at how resilient I could be, and honestly, it helped talking to people about it. Our family and a couple close friends knew, and then talking about miscarriage in general helped me realize that so many other people go through it than I ever thought, and so that helped in a way, knowing I wasn't alone? 
  • I just had mine done yesterday at 12 weeks,there was no heart beats,was expecting twins....though it was a very painful process but its the safest...and it didn't take so much time....rested for about 30 minutes and was discharged....
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