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High Risk Check In - July

Creating a place for anyone who is high risk to check in and update.

Re: High Risk Check In - July

  • My son was born at 29 weeks due to severe IUGR complications. He was the size of a 25 weeker at 1lb 7oz. He's doing amazing now. :) I've been tested for everything under the sun. For a while they thought it was APS (a pregnancy related clotting issue). But recently those tests have come back mostly normal.

    So for now they've got me on a baby aspirin to help prevent clotting issues. The dr is supposed to be calling me today to discuss putting me on a medication that they use to prevent autoimmune issues during pregnancy, which should help prevent my body from attacking the placenta again. The medication is hydroxychloroquine, which given all its media attention lately was a little shocking to hear. :#
  • Hey! I am here too! My husband has a weird blood mutation (kind of like the Rh positive/negative situation but different) that can cause my blood to attack babies blood and make her anemic in utero. It doesn’t always happen, only if baby inherited this gene or not. So basically I do tons of ultrasounds to monitor baby’s blood quantity to see if she becomes anemic. 
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  • oh wow @kiwi2628 I've never heard of that! Fingers crossed that everything is uneventful for you this pregnancy!

    Do you already know you are having a girl? Assuming you did genetic testing prior to transfer?
  • @Blondesweety444 yea it’s a weird, uncommon mutation. My last daughter didn’t have it so hoping this girl doesn’t either. 

    And yea, we did PGS testing on our embryos so that’s how we know this one is a girl. 
  • My 18 month old daughter was born at 30 wks via c/s because I became severely preclampsic, and also have high blood pressure anyway. So I will be high risk automatically. I will definitely be checking into this thread to see how others are doing :)
  • Welcome @knotafanofmorningsickness! Fingers crossed that you can stay healthy this pregnancy!
  • Welcome @knotafanofmorningsickness! Fingers crossed that you can stay healthy this pregnancy!
    Thank you!!
  • hkomhkom member
    I was ignoring this thread and then remembered that I'm high risk.  Oops.  My first was born at 28w (3 lbs) due to incompetent cervix that they found at my 20w anatomy scan.  I spent a month on hospital bedrest and he spent 7 weeks in the NICU.  I had a cerclage and progesterone injections with my 2nd that worked wonders and I had no complications.  He was born by elective induction at 39 weeks.  I'll have a cerclage in all subsequent pregnancies.

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  • @hkom hopefully forgetting that you are technically high risk means that you are feeling somewhat calm about it!😃 Sounds like things went well for your second pregnancy. Fingers crossed for a good third pregnancy as well!!
  • 36yo with thyroid and adrenal issues here with a miscarriage history.  Cautiously optimistic.....but confirming with betas today and Saturday!
  • fingers crossed for you @mamaicebear!!
  • 39 year old here, thyroid issues and history of miscarriages. Week 6 and woke up to spotting today. Can't help but worry . My HCG was at 2300 yesterday and 712 on Friday. But the spotting today is making me miserable.
  • laurazainablaurazainab member
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    I’m 33 (only for a few more days 😆) at 28 after the birth of my second child I was very close to death. I developed a rare auto immune disease during my pregnancy but the hormonal changes post partum exacerbated it to a point that it could no longer be ignored. My lungs were hemmoraghing kidneys shutting down a long with a number of less dangerous but miserable symptoms. We had always wanted 3 but after that decided against a third as we were so traumatized. However time heals and after being in remission for a while and a better understanding of my disease decided to go for that third. WAsnt easy (neither were our first 2 - they took 13 months and 2.5 years of ttc) and we ended up doing ivf after a year of ttc as my hubby is 44 and didn’t want to be too old when #3 comes and we seem to be successful with it so far! However due to my autoimmune disease (wegeners granulamatosis- super rare most similar autoimmune that people have actually heard of would be lupus) And the fact that my last pregnancy brought it on I am now considered high risk and will be closely monitored by a few different doctors. 
  • Had my first u/s today! Baby looks great!
  • @mamaicebear wishing you a healthy journey. I completely understand the cautiously optimistic.
  • Is AMA considered high risk? I am going to be considered AMA because I’m 36, just not sure if that makes me automatically high risk. 
    ******************** BFP Warning *******************
    I'm 29 and DH is 32 we have a MFI (low count) 
    IVF #1 starting in August. ER 9/5/13 23 eggs we are fertilizing 15. 9 frozen
    ET 9/10 - transferred 1 perfect 5AA blast
    7dp5dt BFP ~~ Beta on 9/19 - 77.4 Beta #2 on 9/21 - 357
    Low heartbeat on 10/7 86, lower heartbeat on 10/11 76, no heartbeat 10/14/13. D&C 10/15/13
    Tests revealed MTHFR c677t mutation, put on Folgard.
    FET #1 1/6/14 - 4BB blast - BFN
    FET #2 - 3/3/14 - 5AB Blast -- Beta #1 3/12 - 152 -- Beta #2 3/14 - 358
    FET #3 06/09/16 - 5AB Blast - Beta #1 6/18- 245 -- Beta #2 06/20 - 600
     PAIF/SAIF/PAL/SAL welcome!

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