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  • @Blondesweety444 that's a great more than doubling number!

    I guess I'm the odd one out, we did PGT on our embryo, but decided not to find out the sex. We were team green last time and most likely will be again. (DH keeps saying he wants to find out this time).

    TTC#1 10/2016
    TTC/IF:included medicated cycles, IUIs and 2 rounds of IVF with 1 embryo each. 
    BFP finally in 12/2018

    TTC#2 06/2021
    planning FET

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 

  • @Avrilmai I think team green would be so much fun! Kudos to you! I’m a huge planner and would feel very out of control if I didn’t know the sex. I’m not particular on which it is, I just gotta know!
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  • I have a question about testing!

    So I took my first test the day after my period was supposed to come and it was positive! I took a second test 2 days later and it was lighter..
    With my first test, I woke up in the middle of the night to pee. The only difference in testing is before I took my second test, I got up in the middle of the night to pee(as with the first) but I did drink a little water this time then went back to bed.

    My question is, could the added water have diluted the HCG? My husband says I shouldn’t worry about it.. but I’m a worrier.
  • Anyone have any fun ways you’re telling your families?
  • Knottie, you might want to change your username - it's very hard to tag you with all the letters and numbers :) 
  • I did! Thank you
  • Mmm my user name is changed in my profile but not here?
  • @amberray13 I had some variability in my HPTs, too. I’m pretty sure most HPTs cannot give you an accurate measurement of how much hCG you have in your blood. Hang in there!
  • @aprilbaby2022 We flubbed the telling. We are telling our very closest family only, for support through thick and thin. H thought we had already told his mom (and we hadn’t), so he told his sister we already told his mom. Later his sister asked his mom what she thought of “the news” and she said “What news?! Are they having a baby?! Why haven’t they told me?!”
  • @loveanddatadriven oh no!! Haha this is our first and will be my parents first grandchild so would love to do something fun
  • My sons birthday is in Sept and we have a camping trip planned with the whole family so I think we will tell everyone then! Maybe a big brother shirt or something! 😀
  • Going to sushi with a bunch of my family tonight. I’m terrified. 
    #1 hoping that the fish smell doesn’t send me into convulsions. Normally would smell delicious but you never know what will trigger you these days. 
    #2 gotta figure out how to quietly only eat cooked sushi. My family knows how much I love all sushi so it’s gunna be hard. My hubs and I came up with the idea that I’ll be sharing my sushi with my son so it needs to be cooked. 

    Wish me luck! 😂
  • hkomhkom member
    My 3yo had an off day at daycare today but no one could figure out what was wrong. I looked at his ears with our otoscope when we got home and they looked fine. Then he threw up everywhere at dinner. We had tons of sickness over the spring and early summer, including a hellacious stomach flu, and we just got over HFM like 2 weeks ago. I am not ready for this again.

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  • Aw man @hkom! Fingers crossed it’s a weird fluke! I swear these kids are working Petri dishes. 😩 I’ve enjoy the last year of not having to deal with sickness nearly as much as when the kiddo was attending daycare. 
  • In 1 hour I leave for a 4 day child free vacation and I am SO EXCITED
  • hkomhkom member
    @Blondesweety444 we had a good run after the 3yo started last summer but since the 18mo started in Feb it has been NON-STOP. Nasty respiratory viruses, Roseola, stomach flus, HFM.  

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  • DD's covid test came back on time (obv negative, we go no where lol) for her to proceed with her baked milk allergy challenge tomorrow! Which is great, like it's obviously important we do this. But I also have to get her up 3 hours earlier than normal, not feed her, drive over an hour in to SF and then stay there for 6 hours while she eats a muffin that might make her sick. I'm just really hopeful they'll let *me* eat! They will want us both masked aside from the intervals where she needs to take bites of the muffin. 
  • hkom said:
    @Blondesweety444 we had a good run after the 3yo started last summer but since the 18mo started in Feb it has been NON-STOP. Nasty respiratory viruses, Roseola, stomach flus, HFM.  
    That's the literal worst! I'm not looking forward to going through that again with another LO.  :(
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