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Baby not having enough breastmilk

My baby is almost 4 months old and she is very active. She only feeds for maximum 10 minutes after that she can stay without feeding for up to 2 hours. I am worried that my baby is not getting enough milk and nutrition. Is it normal or is it a matter of concern?

Re: Baby not having enough breastmilk

  • If she looks satisfied then it might be good enough for her. My baby is 3 days away from 4 months and he eats about 5oz . We never really know how much baby intake directly from breastfeeding..but when I pump I know I have between 4-5oz of milk sometimes even 3oz so I guess that gives me a ballpark of average 4oz that baby consume directly after that if baby doesn’t look satisfied then I finish him of with 2 oz of formula or my pumped breast milk stash I have in the freezer. I know” breast is best” for baby feeding but I’ve actually Hurd of baby’s dying of hunger because moms don’t want formula. Personally I tear her have a full tummy satisfied baby. I do enfamil formula
  • Try fenugreek pills for more milk supply 
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  • Normal and amaxing she is able to effectively feed in 10mins.

    My son has been the same since 4 months. Before that it would take him 30mins!!! 
    He is 5.5 and somedays 5mins is adequate and he goes 2-3 hours before needing another feed. At night he can go 4 - 8 hour stretches. 

    Look at weight gain and wet nappies only. Not nursing lengths. Remember nursing is not like bottle feeding. 
    Please check out the Lactation Co sultan Emma Pickett website for helpful videos and blog posts. 

    Like adults babies sometimes want a quick meal sometimes they want a big meal. So looking at the clock is disastrous. Just don't do it. Look at the scales and wet nappies 
  • Unhelpful response. 
  • Since birth my baby has only ever nursed for super short periods of time and she has been gaining weight great. I think some of our nipples just flow faster 
  • Like above, my baby has only ever nursed for 10 or less minutes at a time. At 4mo, it's usually 5 or less minutes and that started around 3mo. As long as they are having enough wet diapers and gaining enough weight, that's all that matters.
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