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Ten Things Tuesday 7/20

What's on your mind today?

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 7/20

  • 1. So happy to have my daughter home with me today. She started daycare yesterday and was just a wide spectrum of emotions. Today she's so much more chill and herself! 

    2. I'm so happy this baby is moving around so much! The best part of pregnancy!

    3. I may or may not cut off my arm. I started to get a rash last week - went to urgent care after a few days and they had no clue what it was and gave me a low-dose steroid cream because pregnancy. It's gotten bigger and itchier and I went to the dermatologist yesterday. I'm having an immune response to the vaccine so at least I know it's not contagious but it's absolutely awful and I just want relief. Ice packs are the only thing helping!

    4. Thankful for Pinch of Yum recipes - they are literally the only recipes I have been making since they're all so dang good!

    5. I have flowers blooming like crazy in front of my house and it makes me SO HAPPY.

    6. Loki is such a good show.

    7. Why aren't 3D Doritos still in existence???

    8. Why don't people read their emails? I sent an email on the 11th and have yet to hear a response lol.

    9. Bento box lunches are adorable. Everyone go get the rice molds!

    10. Cheers to anyone who read all this haha. These are hard!

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