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WTO Tuesday 7.20

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Tuesday 7.20

  • Month/Cycle: 25/4 AL

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: Clomid & TI, PNV, OPKs

    R/R: So my sisters and I are all going next week to get matching tattoos since we’ll all be in town together! The one who lives out of state has been wanting to get her first tattoo for awhile and we figured it’d be fun to all do together. I don’t think we’re all getting it in the same spot like the picture but this is what we’re all getting:


  • Never got back around to tags yesterday so adding them here!

    @gingermama29 those tattoos are so cute! Sounds like it will be a fun weekend :smile: Also I can't believe your basement saga continues. How long to get this fixed??

    @daisy0322 feeling any better today? Those side effects sound rough. But a part this weekend sounds like it will be fun!

    @mamanbebe I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well. Have you tried melatonin or anything to help with that?

    @[email protected] how was your obgyn visit?

    @inthewoods23 ugh, sorry about your SIL drama!

    @fanstasyflyte hugs <3 were you able to get in touch with anyone yesterday?

    @paytonpedro thank you! I always have extra bags when I walk my dog for that exact reason. It's not often that she poops more than 2x but it's so annoying when she does haha.

    Month/Cycle: 14/1AL

    CD: 24

    WAYDTGKU: charting, CBAD

    R/R: I'm over summer school, lol. Just two more days after today though! I ended up helping my friend who's moving pack yesterday afternoon so my whole day got shifted, I didn't end up working out until past 7 and then ate dinner close to 9. Would like to avoid that today... I have a tutoring session scheduled but after that am planning on not leaving the house so that I can get some stuff done!

    CS/Q: I think O was yesterday, I had a nice shift today, so I'll move over to the TWW once I can confirm. Timing was good which makes me feel optimistic but I already feel like I'll be let down at the end of the month. TTCAL is hard.
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  • Month/Cycle: 8/8

    CD: 19

    WAYDTGKU: i was peeing on opks... then i ran out

    R/R: obgyn appt went really well, they are happy to refer out after 6 mos past age 32, she's like the range for AMA keeps adjusting, we go with the lower age. i love her style too, she's like i can refer you out now, you can give it a few more mos and call me, or you can just put it all up to god or whatever you believe in, no pressure. so i brought it up w/MH i think we'll see how the next 2 cycles go and go from there. ***tw live child: sept makes 1 year since my cycle came back pp, even tho we didn't start "trying" right away, but that feels like a good bench mark to me*** end tw

    CS/Q: nada

    @gingermama29 oh i love that! so fun!!! (and pretty!)
  • @gingermama29 oooh that's a pretty flower!

    @anniemarie887 your WAYDTGKU updates always crack me up 😂 that's good that your ob will refer you now if you want! Although idk if I like 32 being AMA 😂🙈

    TW loss
    It's actually been nice being benched after my MC, because I don't have the stress of TTCAL. I know next month when I'm un-benched is going to be tough, and I'm dreading the inevitable big letdown I'll probably have when I'm not magically PG on my first month back. I'm trying to tell myself to be realistic, but it's hard, and I keep stupidly getting my hopes up for a may 2022 baby. 

    @fantasyflyte good to hear the SA wasn't terrible news! 

    Month/Cycle: 2 AL
    CD: 7
    WAYDTGKU: benched
    R/R: mystery pepper has been planted. I have no idea if I will be able to keep it alive, or if that nasty moth caterpillar will come back and eat it like it did to my carrots and chives, but we're gonna try! 
    CS/Q: 🤞 I don't miss my LH surge, since I'm not comfortable trying to do OPKs in the work bathroom 😂  I'll be at home Friday, and Sunday should be my surge of I continue my normal O date, so hopefully I won't miss anything. 
  • @gingermama29 cute tatto idea!

    @fameonmain2 we eat kinda late. I hate when it's extra late at 9pm or later. No time to just relax. I have to go to bed by 10:30 lol

    @anniemarie887 sounds like you have a good plan. I had my yearly when we were around 10 months and figured I may as well ask and got to start checking ovulation right away.

    @fantasyflyte phew! From my/DH's experience based on the sperm reports from our IUIs and how those improved over 3 months, I'm not sure if DH's percentage of motile sperm improved just from a men's multivitamin but his progression greatly improved - something probably even more important than just being motile. You've definitely got things to work with to help.

    @pajamstagrams FX your pepper plant does well!

    Month/Cycle: 9 AL

    CD: 5

    WAYDTGKU: gf/df diet, covid vaccine

    R/R: I thought AF was on her way out yesterday but she stuck around today. And later this morning I realized I forgot to pack a few extra pantiliners to change. Had to go back home and grab some since I'm not even really spotting today. What the heck lol. I have an eye exam today and I can't wait to gety eyeglass prescription so I can buy some new frames for cheap online. I almost always wear contacts, but I'm bordled of my current frames with are a brown tortoise shell with a light teal/blue on the inside. Gonna go for black frames.

    CS/Q: it was cold in the bedroom last night. Had a rare below 97 temp this morning. I'll take it lol.
    *TW* History:
    Me: 33 DH: 35 | Together since 2007 | Married July 2016

    TTC #1 since 7.2017
    Dx: low morph (1%), ANA positive, low decidualization score, high TSH and testosterone, histone antibodies

    IUI #1-3 all BFN
    IVF #1 | 6.11.19 | 24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys
    FET #1 | 9.10.19 | BFN "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"
    RPL, Receptiva, & ERA testing | all normal/negative, recommended going on gluten and dairy free diet for next FET
    FET #2 | 3.31.20 | Opted to cancelled due to pandemic, continued diet and tried naturally over the summer
    2nd Opinion with another RE | 8.20.20 | Not immune to measles (received 1 dose); SA results similar to 2 years ago; decided to move forward with FET #2 redo at start of next cycle
    Surprise natural BFP! | 9.22.20 | MC 10.23.20 at 8 weeks
    TTCAL naturally | starting 11.22.20

    Initial consultation with Reproductive Immunologist | 9.14.21
    Decidualization score biopsy | 10.1.21 | abnormal - low score of 1; endometrial scratch recommended and progesterone supplementation
    Saline sono | 10.15.21 | normal
    Bloodwork | 10.21.21 high TSH, high testosterone, positive for anti-nuclear antibodies and histone antibodies
    BFP! | 11.3.21 | EDD 7.14.22 B) | biopsy provided same effect as endometrial scratch; added supplemental progesterone and estrogen, prednisone, levothyroxine, and MTX to maintain pregnancy
    DS born 7.19.22 after induction
  • Month/Cycle: 2 

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: clearblue OPK, and cheapie sticks 

    R/R: Hi all! Newbie here :-) I think I ovulated yesterday (clear VD, ovulation cramps). I have been using the clear blue tracking device. I had a peak 2 days ago (static smiley face). I am a little bit worried because two days before my peak we did not BD. I know the studies say to BD every other day leading up. but my hubby was out of town. Wish me luck, nervous not sure if it worked! 

  • @gingermama29 that is a truly beautiful tattoo. (I stupidly got my ex's name on me 🤦‍♀️)

    @anniemarie887 it's always great to have proactive Healthcare workers

    Month/Cycle: 9, 10, I forget

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: opk, metformin, Provera, bbt, rhr

    R/R: *TW LIVE KIDS * I've been scrambled this last wee . My hours just got cut at work. We just got back from vacation last Tuesday. All three of my kids had a nasty stomach virus since Thursday. It's been awful. 

    CS/Q: I had a temp dip on CD9 and FF set that as O day. I just got my positive opk at CD13 yesterday and FF took away my O day to readjust. So now I'm waiting to see if my body is going to follow through and ovulate . We BD'd today in case my temp shifts. If no period or bfp by CD 35 I start my second round of Provera. 
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  • @fameonmain2 oh man I give you so much credit for doing summer school. Glad it’s almost over!

    @anniemarie887 glad you have a good relationship with your OB! 

    @fantasyflyte so glad the news isn’t bad and is something that can be addressed through diet/exercise!

    @pajamstagrams hopefully that moth caterpillar leaves your peppers alone! Rabbits keep eating all my berries and it’s so irritating!

    @inthewoods23 oooh yay for new glasses frames! That has to be fun, picking out new ones! Sorry AF stuck around. GTFO AF!
  • @fantasyflyte so glad about the good news w/ YH's SA!

    @pajamstagrams hugs <3 thank you for sharing that with me. Also, I'm going to show MH the picture of your mystery pepper to see if he has any ideas!

    @inthewoods23 lol I also go to bed really early so eating at 9 is like eating 5 mins before bedtime. Excited for your new black frames!

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