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First pregnancy and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster

TW: anxiety

Hello! I'm new to The Bump and this is my first pregnancy (I'm 29, DH is 31). We just found out this week that I'm pregnant - confirmed by doc yesterday- and I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ever since.

This was fully planned, but I got my BFP in our first month of ttc. I know there are so many women who would love to have this, but we were expecting it to take longer and were both a bit shellshocked! Since my first faint positive on Wed I've been ricocheting between excitement and straight-up overwhelming terror. I keep thinking "What was I thinking? Am I really ready for this??" I keep getting knots of anxiety in my stomach at random moments. DH knows I have issues with anxiety and has been super reassuring, but I don't want to lean on him too much because he's excited and I want him to stay that way, not beccome an anxious wreck like me! There isn't even any pattern to my fears; I've thought things like:
- What if I regret becoming a parent?
- What if it ruins my relationship?
- What if DH is horrified by my post-pregnancy body?
- What if I eat/drink/do the wrong thing and harm my baby?
- What if I can't handle labour?

among many, many others.

Any commiserations from other first timers, or reassurance from other moms, would be really helpful :)

Re: First pregnancy and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster

  • Hey @taybza! I think those are totally normal thoughts for a first time mom! Although, I felt them more in my second pregnancy. You should hop over to March birth month board and introduce yourself there. There are a bunch of really great ladies who are all at the same stage in pregnancy as you and can likely commiserate well with you. Best of luck dear. You’re going to do just fine. ❤️
  • +1 for these being normal fears, especially as a first time mom! I know I felt similar concerns when I found out I was pregnant with my first. Like the pp said, joining the March bmb would be a great way to connect with other moms-to-be who are facing some of the same fears. 
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  • @lelkcot come on over to the March birth month board and say hello!

    All those thoughts are normal and I think every mom (first pregnancy and beyond) has them at some point. Take deep breaths, find your support system, and trust your strong, capable body to help you along. Congratulations on the BFP! 
  • taybzataybza member
    Thank you for all of the lovely responses! It's always good to know that others felt like this or feel like this during their first (or every!) pregnancy. I'll hop over to the March birth month board to say hi :)
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