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A BOY FINALLY! Recommendations for clothes!

FINALLY got a boy. 
We’re so excited to have a little man. My husband will finally have a football partner lol no more barbies or LOL dolls.

What are the best store to buy boy clothes. Al the clothes at like JCPenny, Kohl’s, Carter’s , Children’s place & Old Navy look the same. I would love to find him some cute little suit sets that are a bit more fashionable. 


Re: A BOY FINALLY! Recommendations for clothes!

  • Find the "fashionable" stuff at a boutique in your area or try amazon. Not worth the cost, unless you have a photo shoot, or a 'formal engagement you are taking him to.

    Like PP said - your boy might like barbies, dolls, nailpolish, etc.  He has sisters and might want to be like them and engage with them. Do not discourafe it.  If he asks for nail polish - is it really a big deal to put it on?  Working in a school its not uncommon for kindergarten boys to be like - I have polish just like my sisters - by 1st/2nd grade its practically nonexistent.  

     He might not like or want to play football, maybe he would rather try a dance class or volleyball (which is starting to really uptick for boys), or might hate sports and rather try music or the arts..

    Just because dad likes football doesn't mean a boy will.  I know a family where their son HATES football, but yet one of their daughters is Daddys football buddy watching their college team.  
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  • Everything the other ladies said but also I’ve got two boys and I’m speaking from experience when I say- boys clothes suck, so good luck. Also not sure how your girl(s) play, but my boys are dirty af all the time. So even when I put them in cute clothes (which like Carter’s and old navy are our favorite but okkkkk), they ruin them in 10 minutes. Congrats on your boy. 
  • Since the PPs covered the very necessary anti-gender stereotyping comments (thanks! Seriously!)  My son likes Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson and Gymboree for boys.  We got a lot at target and carters for the infant ages because a blue onsie is a blue onsie, but by 18 months we switched to something that better matched his personality. 
  • H&M, Zara, or Target
  • mommyb31 said:
    H&M, Zara, or Target
    Yeah, they have very cute infants clothes and also have a wide selection to choose from.
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