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High AFP levels

Just got some upsetting news. My baby came back with slightly high afp levels. They should be 2.5 and its 3.06. Doc kept telling me most babies come out fine. I have been switched to a high risk doctor and have an ultrasound on the 3rd to check to see if everything is fine. Anyobe else have this issue? Thanks!

Re: High AFP levels

  • rgn12rgn12 member
    I haven’t, but I hope everything is okay and goes smoothly! 
  • bkjadebkjade member
    I haven’t either but I did talk to my doctor about the possibility before I had testing done. She assured me that even if my results came back elevated that I would undergo further ultrasounds and tests and that the elevated afp levels alone would not necessarily mean anything was wrong.

    Hoping everything with your new doctor goes well!
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