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FFFC 7/16

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Re: FFFC 7/16

  • My parents came into town yesterday and will be visiting us for a month...I'm already irritated with my mom...funny, but not.
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
    edited July 2021
    I have been getting more requests to work in-person recently, and find myself becoming increasingly frustrated because I’m pregnant with an unvaccinated two year old and the numbers in my area are steadily increasing (the highest they’ve been in months). Granted no one knows I’m pregnant yet except the higher ups, so I suppose I can’t be that that annoyed at them 🙈🤣

    ETA- side note, my job is one where it is not an issue at all to do remotely. Some people did my job remotely even before covid!
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @RDFree32 omg a month? I can’t even imagine, although my house is tiny and we’d all drive ourselves insane hahaha
  • I love my dog but I'm ready to just boot him out the door and wish him the best. He is becoming such a PITA. He has taken to chewing up any sippy cup that's had anything other then water in it. Even if we set it on the counter. If we leave or go to bed, it's gone. He's also chewed up at least 2 pacifiers (could be more cause there are quite a few MIA). Then last night he ate a whole tupperware container of pasta. It was easily 2 lunches worth and I was si excited for it today. But DD had a rough night and I brought her to bed when we went. DH forgot to put it away and this morning the pasta was gone.

    @RDFree32 a month is too long. I love my parents and want to be around them regularly. But like, on the weekends. M-F I avoid them. Best of luck to you!

    @brookert615 I have caught myself putting things in the wrong home. Last time was coffee in the fridge which would have meant creamer left out. Pregnancy brain is so real!

    @rgn12 I prefer working from my office. It's so much easier for me. But when your enjoying WFH and it's something that goes well, I can understand wanting to stay that way. DH has been over a year and he is dreading going back.
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @prpl11butterfly I hear ya, I prefer in office too. But I have a tiny office for appointments throughout the day, and no one is wearing masks anymore around here it seems. The “honor system” with vaccination/masks just makes me kind of nervous. Ugh. 
  • bkjadebkjade member
    @RDFree32 - oh goodness! A month! 

    @prpl11butterfly @rgn12 - I’m in between liking both wfh/in person. I love spending more time with my family at home but also need at least a couple of days in the office bc my productivity in a house full of people can be low. I enjoy the time away where I can focus on what I’m doing without hearing mooooooooooommmmmmmm every 15 minutes lol.

    Related: my FFFC is that I enjoy being back at work. Obvi, I do not love working all of the time, but the commute on the train is my reading time (so nice to read in peace and quiet!) and it’s been nice to see and talk to other adults. 
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