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My first scan 6 weeks please help!

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Hey girls!
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I was 6 weeks yesterday.
I had a private stomach ultrasound and she said she could see the gestational sack but nothing inside.. I can see something inside though?? Anyone think my sac is normal or not? Can you help put me at ease!
I’ve spoke to another private scanner who thinks it looks like I am 5 weeks and normal!?

Re: My first scan 6 weeks please help!

  • aim467aim467 member
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  • 6 weeks is too early to determine anything - it's why most OBs won't see you until you are at least 8-10 weeks. I saw mine at 6 weeks because I was just coming off of a chemical pregnancy, and while he saw a sac, I still had to go back at 8 weeks to further determine viability.

    I would make an an appointment with your OB when you reach that point. Good luck!
  • aim467aim467 member
    Thank you so much for ur reply! I am due to go back on 31st, hopefully we have growth ❤️
  • I’m not an ultrasound tech or a doctor, and I’m just going to assume you aren’t either or you wouldn’t be asking this here? Lol. I would trust a medical professional. I had a shadow that looked like a cat on a sono in my last pregnancy and I definitely didn’t have a cat in there. Lol. You should call your doctor and ask their opinion. Best of luck!
  • Why would you go to a private scan at 6 weeks?  Why not go through your doctor where trained medical professionals can tell you and can actually answer questions that you may have.  Sorry, but this is why the private scans are not cool.
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