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  • @JWatt5 sooooo expensive! I always think I’m going to do the whole room but it turns into an accent wall real quick once I start pricing it out!
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  • @photographerwife It looks great! I'm not sure on the curtains either, MH doesn't like curtains so we may not have any. But I feel like blackout curtains are such a nice thing, especially in the summer when it's so bright.
  • @photographerwife I love it!! Definitely blackout if you get any, either a sage or a grey that coordinates with the chair maybe? 
  • @lexilougolden thank you! How weird that he doesn’t like curtains! I just have to have them or the windows don’t look finished to me. And personally I’m not super worried about black out curtains because the blinds block quite a bit. But also with my son we had black out and I personally feel like it created more negative sleep associations. But it did help the night and day thing when he was first born! But I’ll buy light blocking curtains if they end up being the color I like:) @chgilmore the grey is a good idea! I hadn’t considered that color! 
  • @photographerwife I'm laughing at myself rn at how easily and mindlessly I just parroted advice to you that I'm not even following ("definitely blackout if you get any"...meanwhile we don't even have regular curtains in our nursery) lol
  • @chgilmore 😂😂 no worries! I’ve definitely heard blackout a lot, but I’m trying not to let this baby be as hard of a sleeper as ds is! So trying to avoid too many associations! 
  • @photographerwife the nursery is coming along so well! I like the green accent wall. I myself just did dark green velvet curtains, as the walls are pink. I went through 10 different styles before i fell onto these. So glad I did, its perfect now. Best of luck! 
  • Im nearing the end of Nursery Nesting. Ive been in this room almost every single day obsessing over the details. We just need some minor things and wall art… What do you ladies think? Any suggestions? 
  • @hellolilmartello your nursery looks great! Love the colors you went with! We ended up going with velvet sage green curtains and they look really good! 
  • @hellolilmartello So cute! Love green, I did green too!
  • We have a dresser to hold clothes and whatnot and put the changing pad on top, securing it in place. 
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