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1st Trimester

Completely zapped of energy?

Can someone tell me...I know exhaustion is completely normal. But I feel like I'm at such a level thats not human, I don't feel human! All I want to do ever is lay on the couch and I honestly dread the idea of getting up and moving to go anywhere - bathroom or store. Every time I do I feel like just 'ugh pit of your stomach' exhaustion and want/need to sit back down again after two minutes of doing anything. And I'm expecially sensitive if where I'm at is warm! This is my first pregnancy and I just feel like I'm one of those women who struggle with it! 

Re: Completely zapped of energy?

  • 2nd trimester it gets SO MUCH better! Hang in there! 
  • Make sure your prenatals have iron, and if they don’t ring your doctor and see what an appropriate dose would be for you to take. Low iron is common in pregnancy and the first sign for me is that I literally cannot keep my eyes open and I have a complete lack of energy. But as pp said, hang in there! The second tri does get better!
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  • I’m the same. I’m 8 weeks and constantly feel tired. I truly feel “drained” all the time. I also have a heightened sense of smell and it’s driving me crazy. Some days I just lay down and tears roll and I feel like I can’t do it anymore. My body feels warm constantly too. 
  • 8w 3 days and feel like something the cat dragged in. My bed is my best friend when I'm not working. Counting down to the 2nd tri
  • @sblood92 yes fatigue is very typical in first tri. Pregnancy fatigue is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. But it typically fades as you enter 2nd tri. The first tri is the worst!
  • 6 weeks 1 day and I am a walking zombie. I can't wait until 2nd tri. 
  • same here. 7 weeks. I’m feeling so lazy because I can’t get up and clean the house and barely have energy to play with my daughter. 😭 been like this for weeks. hurry up second trimester!!
  • I know the feeling! I’m at 11weeks and I can barely do anything. I cried tonight while making dinner for my daughter. I’m so tired it hurts! 
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