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5 weeks bleeding

hi all im really confused and dont know what to think ive never been in this position..... So i find out on thursday 1st july im pregnant 3 days before missed period but on sunday 4th when period wss due i bleed for 3 days ! now it was bright red stringy etc but only when wiped and not all flowing on pad like period and now its stopped and ive lityle bit of brown mucus ??? did i miscarry ??? i was in no pain maybe alittle crampy but im crampy now ??? it was and wasnt like a period cause it didnt soak pad but to me was alotwhen i wiped..... HELP.......... 

Re: 5 weeks bleeding

  • You need to call your doctor. Only they can tell you. But I will tell you, I miscarried 100% on my own at home and it was painful as hell. I was 9 weeks but it stopped growing at 6 weeks. The cramps mixed with some spotting is never a good thing. So please call your doctor. 
  • i did call them they were not helpful at all didnt seem to care really to be honest cause i was so early ..... im just so confused cause still alittle crampy and back pain but not staining or anything now oh it would drive you mad! i might have to wait it out til i can get early scan x
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  • @footballmum bleeding can happen and you can still be pregnant. It’s also possible you had a chemical pregnancy. You can take another pregnancy test for reassurance, you can also ask your OB for betas to make sure your hcg is rising appropriately.
  • Unfortunately,  it isn't always easy to know if you miscarried when you are really early.  I had a chemical pregnancy a few years ago, I bled a little less than a regular period and had pretty much no cramps.  If it wasn't for the fact I had to have betas and I had hpt turn negative,  I would have questioned it.  Then a few months later, I was pregnant again, had cramps and sort of heavy bleeding. I was certain I had miscarried,  and I didn't.   

    I would call your doctor again and request beta hcg testing (you really need 2) and see if your numbers are rising.   This early, an ultrasound would be of no use.  Something,  they may or may not give you an answer is a pregnancy test.  If you miscarried,  it may be negative (but may still be positive even with a loss.)  I hope you can find answers soon.
  • Your doctor should be doing blood work to track the pregnancy and make sure it’s progressing. 

    This just happened to me but I had very heavy bleeding. They told me there were different things, like sex, that could cause bleeding this early and many women still carry to term and have healthy babies. I had blood work done and unfortunately it was a miscarriage. But my bleeding was very very heavy. Not spotting or just when I wipe. I also took another pregnancy test the day after the bleeding started and it was basically negative. 

    I would call another doctor and explain to them what is happening and ask for a blood pregnancy test so they can track the hcg in your system. In the meantime, you can try another at home pregnancy test. 

    Best of luck hun!

  • I'm also going through the same thing, Holly123 when you had a lot of bleeding and didn't lose the pregnancy, what was the bleeding like? Mine has been heavyish for 2 days. Not as heavy as a period. But dark red blood with some clots and stringy/watery. Cramping. Test was positive but starting to lighten up now. I'm assuming I miss carried but am wondering if there is any hope? 
  • @knottieae909b937d317e11 that sounds exactly how I miscarried 2 years ago. But everyone is different. Did you contact your doctor?
  • It sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy. I'm very sorry - I had one earlier this year and it's still devastating. Like others have said, you should take another HPT and have your HCG levels check to see if they are rising. I would also try to get a sonogram to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Best of luck to you.
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