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Names Thread

I know it might be a little early, but I feel like a bunch of us know the gender or will find out soon so I'm selfishly starting a names thread. 

Do you have any names picked out already? Do you and your partner agree? Any special meanings?

Re: Names Thread

  • eggsbene42eggsbene42 member
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    @melbel0824 - I added suggestions to my check-in, but the bump was being weird and cut it out. 

    My fave Italian names are Noemi, Bianca, Giorgia, Greta, and Francesca. I absolutely love Paloma.
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  • I’m a name nerd. I have had a running list since I was a teen. I love naming babies. My partner just tends to throw a wrench into naming our actual children.

    If this LO was a girl, we would have been set we had three girl names that we loved, but boy names are infinitely harder for us. We have a list of 10 boy names, but none seem to fit. 

    All of my children have middle names that honor a family member. Since my dad passed last year, I’d really love to honor him. 

    I tend to love Southern boy names, my partner tends to love nature boy names.

    Girl names we aren’t using:

  • Our daughter's name is Carolyna. We also have chosen years ago that our boy's name will be Findley and middle name will be my mom's maiden name to honor my family. It's so nice to call him by his name rather than THE BABY lol. We had a running list of girl names just in case!
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  • @eggsbene42 Darby, Poppy, Landry, and Paloma have been on my list! Ha!
  • eggsbene42eggsbene42 member
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    RDFree32 said:
    @eggsbene42 Darby, Poppy, Landry, and Paloma have been on my list! Ha!
    Did we just become best friends?! ;) I’m curious to hear your boy names, since we have similar styles.
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    We had three top pick girl names picked out for DD. We were struggling between the first two because we loved them both. We ended up going with the very first name we ever picked, years before we even thought about getting pregnant, for sentimental reasons. We’ll probably go with the other one this time, because we love that one so much too! So we have those other two names as contenders, and then one more to add but it’s definitely third place. Struggling with middle names. Someone really close to us used the middle name that I would have chosen very recently, so I feel like we can’t use that one. I guess we could use it, but I don’t want to upset the other person. 

    We don’t have any good girl family names that we’d like to use, everyone seems to hate their names (especially middle ones) or goes by a nickname haha. We had some good boy family names picked out, but that won’t work now hahaha. 
  • We both agree on Emilia, which was my top pick so I'm hoping to get DH to say he's definitely good with it. We also liked Elena and Giulia. All the girls on my mom's side have the middle name Lee and DD does too, but I'm not sure if we'll do it again for DD2.
  • No idea 🤦‍♀️. Our daughter was so easy to name, I had the name I loved and DH agreed with it. This time DH is taking the lead and I’m just not crazy about any of the ones he really likes. Well, we’ve got five months to decide.
  • We have such a long list of girls names but will likely do Aubrey! Boys names were so hard for us and DS didn’t have a name for 36 hours (since I didn’t get to meet him for the
    first day since I was on magnesium bedrest).
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  • Ahh.. this is one of the most stressful parts of having a baby. I hate trying to come up with a name! 🙈
  • @savedbygrace1213 I agree!

    @eggsbene42 YEP! Haha. Well, the boy list is also long, but not really anything like the girl list. Some of the faves are Radley, Deacon, Everett, and Ryker.
  • Like many of you, we had a huge list of girl names picked out that we like, but we only agree on one boy name (Noah).  EVERYONE has been naming their boys Noah, so we are over it (at least 4 couples we know who had boys recently used this name!).  I am worried we won't agree on anything if it's a boy!
  • RDFree32 said:
    @savedbygrace1213 I agree!

    @eggsbene42 YEP! Haha. Well, the boy list is also long, but not really anything like the girl list. Some of the faves are Radley, Deacon, Everett, and Ryker.
    Deacon was on our long list. No joke though, my husband has been suggesting Rad (for the movie) for every kid. I love Everett, but it’s really popular here. 
  • DH and I found our girl name Annabelle Jean (last name). Anna for short
    DS name is Maximus Dean (last name) and Max for short. I like how the middle names rhyme with one another for both the kids. 

    I just can't decide on the spelling and if I like Annabelle, Annabele or Anabelle. Thoughts? I think I like Anabelle but wouldn't want someone to pronounce it "Aw-na-belle". 

    We don't have boy name really. DH likes Felix but that's my best friends boy name if they ever had a boy.  

    Hopefully this babe is a girl and I don't need a boy name haha. 
  • bkjadebkjade member
    I really like Anabelle @kaitcrystalline
  • This is not going well in my house 🙄 We use the baby name app and still have no matches. It's not helping that DH wants to remain team green so we cannot even focus our attention to 1 sex category. I also have stipulations about shortening names. DS and DD both have names that don't have the ability to be shortened, like Richard to Rich/Rick (in telling my mom about this she made a stretch at shortening DSs but it really is a totally different name so I don't see people doing it). Anyway, DH is super annoyed and likes to pick names to irritate me so we don't even discuss names lol.
  • @prpl11butterfly I like nicknames, but there are some I don't like which rules out names for me. DH is set on Madeline, which I think is pretty but I don't love Maddie as a nickame. 
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    @kaitcrystalline I love that name! We’re looking at some names that have lots of spellings too… My husband doesn’t like that because he’s like “no one will ever spell her name right!” But I think that’s pretty insignificant hahaha 
  • @kaitcrystalline I really like the spelling of Annabelle! 
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  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    How would guys spell Adalyn? I think the “traditional” spelling is Adeline, but I’m worried they’ll say it wrong. I’ve also seen Adalyn, Adelyn, Adalynn, and Addilyn. I’m not sure we’re going with this one, but it’s a contender where we’re unsure of the best spelling! 

    ETA- pronounced like Add-uh-Lynn
  • bkjadebkjade member
    I think I’d spell it Adeline @rgn12
  • @rgn12 I think in order to avoid the alternate pronunciation of add-uh-line, I would go with Adalyn or Adelyn. Very pretty name btw.
  • I would also go Adalyn instead of Adeline. When I read it in my head, I said Add-uh-lyn for Adalyn and add-eh-line for Adeline. It's a very pretty name! I love it!🥰
  • rgn12rgn12 member
    Thanks for your input @bkjade @RDFree32 and @kaitcrystalline !!

    My first thought/instinct on spelling was Adalyn. I think Adeline is the traditional spelling, but I’m worried about mispronunciation. I think if we choose this one we’ll go with Adalyn or Adelyn! 

    DH is worried about the name as a whole, thinking it will be spelled wrong regardless of what variation we choose. I’m sure it will, since there are other spellings. Although, my name is a slight variation too and I actually prefer it over the traditional one. I haven’t been emotionally scarred by incorrect spellings haha. 

    DH and DD have very simple names that are rarely misspelled, so I think that’s where this is coming from most likely. I guess we’ll see what happens, we have some others on our list too! ☺️
  • cait32cait32 member
    @kaitcrystalline — I’m lurking from October but my first name is Caitlin (assuming yours is too) and my 4yo DD is Annabelle Jean! When we considered spelling, one of my bump friends mentioned that anabelle (or any version with one N) looked like “anal” to her hahaha…so we stuck with 2 n, 2 l, 2 e
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  • @cait32 so funny! Yes my full name is Kaitlyn too!. And good call on the name spelling. I never would of thought of that! I think we are set on the traditional spelling before I read your post but it definitely solidified it for me haha. 
  • What a beautiful name it is. Kaitlyn conjures discretion, ambition, and openness.
  • Now that we know we are having a 3rd girl, I need to get serious about this! 😱 so. much. Stress. Hahaha
  • Hey All, We have the first name. That part was easy. We are stuck on the middle name. 

    We have a daughter  14y/o. We both chose her first name but I chose her middle name. So this time Dad gets to choose the middle name. We all have our favorites and I keep pushing for mine b.c. it has a similar meaning to our daughters middle name. Actually the first names also have similar meanings that's why i think it would be perfect. But dad keeps going back and forth on 2 names. So we will see. Hopefully he Makena decision soon. 
  • DS heard DH call baby girl "chubby" (because all I was doing was eating and sleeping) and now DS calls her Chubby when talking to/about her. Lol. Some might have gotten offended, but I find it kind of cute (although not even close to the name I have in mind). Also, it's no worse than the other random name DS came up with: JoJo...JoJoPoJo. :| The other outlandish name DH suggested was Felicia...for exactly the reason you might think...laughs. Neither of these are on the list.  ;)  :p

    Anyone recently decided on names?
  • @RDFree32 - I think we finally decided *for sure* what her name is. We have been on the fence about it for a minute, but after using it over the past month I think I’m sold.
  • *lurking from January 2022*

    @RDFree32 My name is Felicia so I wholeheartedly think it’s a good name 😉 
  • @RDFree32 my cousins always gave their kiddos funny names in uterine (Clarence was my favorite). We sometimes still call him that. He’s 5 and doesn’t quite get it. 

    For some reason DD #2 was much easier to name than #1. Decided really early with this one with no arguments. 
  • @threes_companypu That's a beautiful name!
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  • A very thanks for starting this name thread, not at all selfish to be honest. Great job by contributors on this thread! Who put their efforts to curate and finally deliver some lovely baby names.

    I'm now able to suggest some great baby names to one of my closest friends. She is going to have her first baby in a couple of months.
  • I like the name Georgia for girl so much
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