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Hello! So backstory here, just started a carpenter apprenticeship through my local union. First year. So I'm doing school and working on the job doing hands on training as well. A lot of the work is heavy lifting, aerial lifts, working around dust etc using power tools etc. I just start a week ago basically. Me and my ex husband are divorced as of almost two years now he is active duty navy and we have 3 kids together, 9 7 and 4. I'm a full time single mom full time working mom. My ex is not very involved as he lives in CA till his current enlistment is up which is another two years. We hooked up a month ago as we were trying to work things out, turns out he no longer wanted to work things out and we are not on good terms anymore once again. Anyways, I just found out I'm pregnant. And given my job and our situation I don't know what to do. I don't know how I'd raise 4 kids alone. And successfully be an apprentice all the while being pregnant. I'm also taking anti depressants (Zoloft), adderral and methimazole (for hyperthyroidism) and lunesta for sleep which I'm worried could hurt the baby. I have no medical insurance as I'm in limbo with the new job. I'm kind of at a loss of what to do. Abortion makes more sense given my situation but I also never thought I'd be one to do that. I would love any and all advice from anyone please. 😭 I literally took no meds and took all my vitamins and was super natural with my other three planned babies so this is so scary for me!!!

Re: Carpenter Apprentice Pregnant

  • That sounds like a shit storm. First I hope you told him you are pregnant. Secondly allows you to obtain health insurance due to major life changes like, job change, and or pregnancy even if it is not during the open enrollment period. I hope you decided to keep your baby.  
  • I had an abortion. It was hard but I was single and my ex-boyfriend told me I had to. I didn’t do it because of that, but it didn’t help the situation. I was also on meds contraindicated during pregnancy. So I know how you are feeling. Hugs for whatever you decide. 
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