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What is the right week to track?

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I am 7 weeks pregnant according to my LMP. I had a dating ultrasound done and they told me gestational sac and yolk sac all looked good, couldn't find a baby yet though because I am only measuring at 5 weeks (they reassured me it's just because it's too small right now.) This all makes sense due to #1 having sex about 5 weeks ago and #2 my ovulation cycle that is normally about two weeks after my menstrual cycle. I am trying to figure out though, on the bump app is our baby an Appleseed or a blue berry? Which am I supposed to follow/track here 🤔 Since I found out I was pregnant, baby would have been 2.5 weeks (about 5 days late on my period). I had four very quickly at home positive pregnancy tests. If I am following 5 weeks on here, it's saying at 2.5 weeks baby didn't exist yet... So lone behold I am really confused 🙄
P.s. First pregnancy here, so this is all new to me still 😁

Re: What is the right week to track?

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    It’s based off the start of your last menstrual cycle. They will give you a better date when they can see baby to measure.
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  • You base the weeks off your lmp, the first two weeks of pregnancy are freebies because your not even pregnant yet. It’s normal to measure behind a little, most babies catch up. They’ll likely have you in for another scan. Also if you’re not tracking ovulation, that could have been off as well. 
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