Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Vanishing Twin

My first ever pregnancy was a m/c. A few months after that I got pregnant again and at the first ultrasound they found what appeared to be a vanishing twin. I now have a healthy 13 month old daughter. I think about the first m/c but I also often find myself thinking about this twin and what life would be like if they both survived. 

My question is-- do I ever tell her someday? I have been very guarded with the knowledge she is a twin. I have only told my father and one close friend. It'd be nice to talk about it with more people but I also wonder if it would be healthy for my daughter to know someday. 

If you have experienced this, have you told them?

If this were you, would you want to know?

If I decide to tell her, it'd obviously be when she is much older but I'm really torn on if it is a good idea. 
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