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PAIF 6.30.21

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Hello IF warriors! Sorry, I’m not great with keeping up with everyone, but you know who you are! So excited for all of us to be here! 💕💕

How far along/weeks?
Diagnosis (if you wish to share):
How are you feeling this week?
Rants/Raves? Questions?
Upcoming appointments?
GTKY:  What are your summer plans?

Re: PAIF 6.30.21

  • How far along/weeks? 8+1

    <div>Diagnosis (if you wish to share): Azoo</div><div>
    </div><div>How are you feeling this week? Run down a bit, but good.  Sorry I've been MIA.  With WFH all day and then having to rush off to rehearsals, it's just been a lot.  Hopefully things will settle down again in a couple weeks here, but in the mean time, it's been lots of fun!  Exhausting!!!  But fun. :)

    </div><div>Rants/Raves? Questions? I think I broke my foot a while back but never got it checked out bc what are they going to do?  I had a NP finally look, and order an X-ray just after transfer, and now that I'm KU, my re and family doctor have given me opposite advise as far as getting the x-ray.  Doing the show has been hard on it, too, but luckily I'm not doing anything super crazy really, just long days and some simple dance moves.  I just hope I'm not aggravating anything in there ...

    </div><div>Upcoming appointments? I had my 8w scan and graduated the RE on Monday!  I was 7+5, measuring 8w with a hb of 155.  So bittersweet to say goodbye to my doctor after all we've been through, but at least it was on a positive note!  First midwife apt is 7/15.

    </div><div>GTKY: What are your summer plans?  The show!  Lol I'm taking off next week, so we'll have a couple days in there to maybe do something fun with the fam.  DD has never been to a real beach, but that's also a far drive and kind of a pain with the crowds, so we may try to keep it local.  We have three back to back months of family birthdays too, so that should be fun!  I've got to plan both DDs parties!!!</div>
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