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Weekly check in 6.28.21

I noticed we don’t have a regular check in thread like some of the other monthly boards do. I was thinking since we don’t have as many members just a general weekly check in would be okay, rather than a feb 1-8 due date check in etc… leave your thoughts here! I borrowed this from December’s board. Should we add it to Monday? 

How far along are you?:

Upcoming appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old?

modoodlesMurphie82chgilmore[Deleted User]

Re: Weekly check in 6.28.21

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  • @photographerwife I belong to a lot of check ins lol - high risk and pgal so I’m down for whatever. 
    [Deleted User]
  • @angelz429 haha I know! That’s why I was asking! If we should consolidate some, there are several check ins, but I’m fine with keeping whatever. 
    angelz429modoodles[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member

    How far along are you?: 8w5d

    Upcoming appointments: first appointment tomorrow

    How are you feeling?: anxious. Other than fatigue and some occasional insomnia I don’t have a ton of pregnancy symptoms which isn’t abnormal for me but it makes it hard to be secure in this pregnancy. I’m hoping hearing the heartbeat tomorrow will help. 

    Rants/Raves: like everyone else in the PNW this heat is killing me. We thankfully have AC but I have a 2 floor home and the upstairs is all windows so hot even with the AC. I’m having trouble beating the fatigue and heat to get things done around the house. I’ve got at least 3 piles of laundry to fold and I just don’t want to😂

    Questions: I can’t think of anything at the moment. 

    GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old? Oh boy idk. Crafting? Spending time with my cousins, sports? General shenanigans in the neighborhood😂 

    @angelz429 a/s/l had me cracking up. The good ol days 😂

    @photographerwife yay for hubby cleaning out the fridge and watermelons!!! I definitely  remember showing super early with my second pregnancy but this time I think I’ve actually lost a little weight (maybe the stress since my 3rd pregnancy was a loss?) and am not showing at all yet for this 4th pregnancy. They do say you show earlier and earlier with each pregnancy so It’s totally possible you are. 

    KatzaliaMurphie82angelz429[Deleted User]
  • @tessiesmom26 hopefully the time between now and your first ultrasound go quickly! If you want I bet you can go to one of those imaging places to get an ultrasound done earlier! I don’t think it’s too early to break out the pregnancy pillow! My back was killing me last week and I slept with it for a couple of days. I’ll definitely need mine when it gets time to not sleep on my back. And I hear you on the not getting your shit together. I feel the same way, so lazy and unmotivated. I’ve really been slacking on being the fun parent, I stay at home with my son during the week and we’ve watched so much tv :/ and my house needs a deep clean. The bump or bloat thing is so real. Surely I can’t really be showing, I just have a general roundness about me, and I put on a maternity dress from my first pregnancy yesterday, and looked like 4 months pregnant. 🙃

    @fuscok88 goodluck at your appt tomorrow! I hope it gets here quickly so your anxiousness will go away. I still feel anxious after mine, but not as bad. I’ll feel better after hearing the heartbeat again on Doppler at our 12 week. I’m sorry about the heat! I’m in Arkansas so it’s hot here a lot of the year, but we have ac. I totally forget that states like yours don’t. It’s almost like us being unprepared for big snow storms. I hope the weather calms down soon! You should get a window unit for your top floor. It will help a lot. They’re usually only a couple hundred bucks. Ditto with the laundry. We’ve been living out of baskets for the last two weeks. 🙃 
    Katzaliatessiesmom26[Deleted User]
  • How far along are you?: 6+6

    Upcoming appointments: not until 9 weeks I think? It would be next week but I’m on vacation.

    How are you feeling?: a little nauseated but thankfully only thrown up once so far. Usually the n/v kicks in at week 7 for me, so bracing for that lol. 

    Rants/Raves:  trying to make a list of all the baby stuff and maternity stuff I loved and gave away. Probably I should wait until I’m announcing to worry about that, but so annoyed about spending more money on things I sold or gave away a year ago. 

    Questions:  no real questions, just waiting on first appt ultrasound and then NIPT to take a deep breath and roll with things. I’ll probably announce to family a little earlier than I did before. Not sure about work. Last time I didn’t announce until around 24 weeks, I think? 

    GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old?

    I’m pretty sure biking & swimming topped my list at age 10. And just starting to play around with my mom’s second SLR camera. 

    @tessiesmom26 the bloat feels ridiculous. With my second I didn’t wear maternity stuff until almost halfway through. And on Saturday I already had to use the ponytail trick on my (admittedly tightest) jeans. II say do whatever’s most comfortable!
    tessiesmom26Murphie82angelz429[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @photographerwife thanks! My husband does commercial HVAC, the ducting and stuff like that so eventually he’s going to redo our ductwork which predates our HVAC system so that should help with the airflow to upstairs. Our upstairs is very open and like 1700sqft so idk that a window unit is going to make a ton of difference for us and they’re sold out everywhere sadly. We aren’t prepared out here for this kind of heat or any snow either. We got a foot and a half in February and we were snowed in for days until it all melted😂😂

    @Katzalia that’s frustrating having to buy everything all over again! But also maybe experience will help you narrow it down? I know with my first I had so much more stuff than I really needed or even used. 
    photographerwifeKatzalia[Deleted User]
  • @photographerwife I like this idea! thanks for bringing it in :) I don't think it's crazy to think you're showing, even if it's bloat lol. MH told me last week that I'm "definitely showing" and I was like "thanks? it's just bloat" but it's something. that watermelon sounds delicious!
    @tessiesmom26 if the pregnancy pillow will help you sleep, do it! I bought mine at around 6 weeks and it has helped so much with my back pain.
    @fuscok88 I'm glad you get to hear the heartbeat soon! I hope that helps you feel more secure
    @modoodles I'm sorry about the mom stuff, that's really insensitive and unfair to you! 

    How far along are you?: 8w5d

    Upcoming appointments: I scheduled my 12 week for mid/late July. I also have to decide on some noninvasive testing/screening options that would add appointments in the next few weeks.

    How are you feeling?: +1 for the tired AF crew. I am so nauseated. I wish I could just sleep all the time. But after my u/s, I'm feeling a lot more excited and invested in being PG

    Rants/Raves: I'm having a hard time showing up at work. I just want to be at home feeling uncomfortable in peace.

    Questions: how is everyone sleeping? my sore boobs are prohibiting a lot of my side-sleeping positions so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old? I loved to read and play Pokemon Sapphire on my gameboy xD

    photographerwifeMurphie82[Deleted User]
  • How far along are you?: 6+6

    Upcoming appointments: July 7th I have my first appointment

    How are you feeling?: Okay for the most part. Still waking up in the night a lot but so far having an easier time going back to sleep. The nausea seems to be easily fixed by eating food still so it's survivable. I honestly keep forgetting that I'm pregnant for the most part. Still hasn't completely sunk in yet.

    Rants/Raves: rant-So I live in a super small town (village actually) and we don't have a ton of healthcare options. I went to an OBGYN here before DS and had an awful experience so I ended up going back to my OBGYN office that I went to as a teenager which is an hour away. They have three different offices and my OB is only in the office closest to me on Fridays. Between 4th of July and him being on vacation there were absolutely no appointments in the next coming weeks in that office so I now get to drive 1.5 hours there and back so that I can be seen in the first trimester. I know it's really not that big of a deal but since we haven't told anyone yet, DH will have to watch DS while I'm gone in the middle of his work day so the extra time is not ideal. rave-One of my very good friends had a baby a few weeks back and I finally got to catch up with her. She's in the thick of it right now with the WTF did we just do?? vibes but it was nice to check in with and reassure her and set up a time to visit in the future.

    Questions: Nope 

    GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old?: Riding my bike and playing in the woods behind our house? We had a swimming pool so definitely that during the summer. 

    @tessiesmom26 @photographerwife @Katzalia same here with all the bloat. I'm already trying to think strategically about what shirts I'm wearing when I'm around other people. a lot of lose and flowy clothes for now.

    tessiesmom26Murphie82[Deleted User]
  • @angelz429 the pregnancy insomnia is awful! I remember with my last one I got better sleep with a newborn than I did for months during pregnancy! Which is absolutely insane. 

    @photographerwife it is so weird how the pregnancy bloat show up earlier and earlier! 

    @tessiesmom26 what pregnancy pillow do you have? I'd break it out as soon as you think it would help you get comfortable!

    @fuscok88 sending good vibes for your appointment tomorrow! 

    @Katzalia I totally understand the frustration of giving away things and wishing you hadn't! New stuff is fun too though! !
  • How far along are you?: 5 weeks 3 days

    Upcoming appointments: 07/07 for another scan and check (I did IVF so I visit my doctor at least weekly right now)

    How are you feeling?: 

    Physically - ALL the symptoms! This heat wave has me feeling horrendous the past couple of days.  

    Emotionally - It's hard for me to feel like I can't give 100% to everything I do, but due to the fatigue and physical symptoms I have had to allow myself to rest.  I am moving in August and doing a renovation right now in the space and working and I feel like I'm behind on it all! Learning to be more forgiving of myself is HARD...


    Rants - I am so lucky to be moving, but I forgot how stressful moving is! Add in the reno work we're doing pre-move and I'm just looking forward to being done with it and getting settled.

    Raves - The temperature is dropping here in NYC soon and the holiday weekend should be rainy and cool (never did I think I would be wishing that).  It's been hard to get out of hot/outdoor activities while we're still keeping the pregnancy a secret and this avoids all of that.  Anyone else feel like they're doing a lot of lying to everyone?? :)

    Questions: Not right now

    GTKY: What was your favorite activity as a 10-year-old?  Dancing and gymnastics

    Murphie82chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • @babyodo that sounds really frustrating, I'm sorry. I hate how inefficient the system can be. I hope you're also able to give yourself some grace in that just because you aren't as productive as you usually are, doesn't mean you're a failure <3
    @smithaus I definitely felt like I was lying to everyone for a little while. it's hard when you're trying to keep things to yourself but also not do anything potentially dangerous for the wee beans.
    smithausbabyodo[Deleted User]
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