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FFFC 6.25.2021


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Re: FFFC 6.25.2021

  • lexilougoldenlexilougolden member
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    I work as an independent contractor and it's been really hard to get my hours because I want to nap ALL the time. I think I've worked like 15 hours this week.
    I'm DYING for a turkey sub sandwich. MF is sweet and offered to buy turkey, bake it, cool it down, slice it. I just want it now though! :D Didn't realize how much I adore cold subs. I'll probably cave.
    kmw611[Deleted User]
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  • @lexilougolden I caved too during my last pregnancy! Not eating cold cuts eliminates so many lunch options, at least for me..

    My FFFC is....if you're planning a trip with your friends....leave your kids at home! 

    I live in the middle of several of my college girlfriends. Two weeks ago my friend texted us all and said we should meet at my house for a weekend in August for a girl's weekend. She never asked me in general or anyone else about the dates so I was a little annoyed but whatever...we've been wanting to get together and I live close to water and wineries so I figured it would be a nice relaxing weekend for everyone. Mentioned it to DH and he said he would probably take DS to his parents so we could have the house. Great! A few hours later, the friend texted us all to let us know she would be bringing her one year old because she isn't night weaned yet. WTF? I'm not sending my kid away so I can listen to your's cry all weekend! Also none of our other friends have kids and this friend has no common sense when it comes to boundaries with her children. We previously went to a wedding in CO with her, her older son who was one at the time and her husband. We all got an airbnb together and they woke us all up at 6 AM because that's when their son woke up, we had one car between all of us and they expected us to stop what we were doing (hiking, shopping etc) anytime it was time for their son to nap or eat and go back to the house, and they wanted to go to the rehearsal dinner but didn't want to take her son so made our single friend who wasn't in the wedding watch him. It was awful. Here we go with round two.

    Now she texted us saying that weekend won't work for her anymore. Am not trying to reschedule that any time soon. RANT OVER

    Sorry for the novel, just so annoyed. Am open to anyone telling me I'm overreacting...
  • @gardenvariety88 I agree completely! I always check to see if it is adults only or a family thing. My almost one year old isn't weaned yet, so that is something I would bow out of, and be disappointed about missing, but girl trips are for the girls! And honestly, I might have my husband bokn a hotel and keep baby during the day and then I'd join them at night if I *really* wanted to go. 

    I had someone in my 2012 bmb come to a girl's weekend in Minneapolis one time and brought her husband and baby. Baby wasn't breastfed, they just decided to make it a family thing instead of girls only like everyone else. Major side eye on that one. And it wouldn't have been a big deal if they just did their own thing, but they joined us for lunch and shopping. 
    kmw611[Deleted User]
  • @lexilougolden I always go to Subway and have them toast my turkey sub. I prefer them cold, but I like the cheese melted. 

    @modoodles I 100% support having your daughter go pick up pizza. I’m sure she was excited to drive, too, so it’s a win-win lol. 

    @gardenvariety88 Ugh, we all have that one friend. You might be nicer than me, but can you just tell her that you’re sorry she can’t make it, and she’ll be missed?

    AFM: I put in my 40 hours by Wednesday night when I got home from traveling, so I put a meeting set to private on my calendar this afternoon and took a nap. I have zero regrets. 
  • @gardenvariety88 these people basically invited themselves to your house and then didn't think to ask if their VERY YOUNG kiddos could come??! dear lord. I am annoyed right here with you!
    @makingbacon I similarly will put naps in my schedule...like if you want me to work, you gotta let me nap xD
  • kmw611kmw611 member
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    @gardenvariety88 just wow. I have to agree with @makingbacon here saying sorry you can’t make it🤷🏻‍♀️ I wouldn’t reschedule after you went out of your way to accommodate hosting a girls weekend at your house that other people decided you should host. 

    AFM- my kids are having dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner even though they had happy meals for lunch while we were running errands because this year started awful and has continued to be one thing after another with today being a blown tire on the volt we just bought that had “new” tires and I just want to sulk and read a book instead of cooking dinner tonight. 
  • thanks for the validation ladies...I was feeling a little guilty because she's a close friend and of course I want to have a relationship with her kids but don't sell us all on a girl's trip and then drop the bomb that your kid is coming. there's a time and place for family events and this ain't it!

    @fuscok88 I WISH my kid would eat chicken nuggets. he's only into fish sticks at the moment and I'm pretty sure i'm specifically not supposed to give him fish everyday. take the easy win!

    also since we were on the subject of not eating lunch meat, we got gyros for dinner today and I put feta all over my gyro and then DH reminded me I wasn't supposed to be eating it. I ate the whole thing anyway. it was probably pasteurized anyway? 🤔
  • @fuscok88 It sounds like you’ve got a good husband! I also wish just added chicken nuggets to my grocery list because that is a fantastic dinner idea lol. 
  • @gardenvariety88 I don’t blame you for being frustrated! And I’m sure the other ladies are wanting a relaxing weekend too. When my son was 8 months I went away for 2 nights to a friend’s bachelorette weekend and it was hard. I had to pump a lot and missed my baby, but it was totally doable. I would have never considered bringing a baby to something like that. And it was chill. Not a wild and crazy party. We went on a float trip. Maybe just mention it to her? Maybe she’s one of those that isn’t reading the room.. 
  • @gardenvariety88 omg. I totally forgot we’re not supposed to be eating feta 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve had several Greek salads. Probably ok….right? 😩
  • @gardenvariety88 @angelz429 The feta cheese I buy is pasteurized, so it might be fine. If it's from a restaurant, and it's something you're worried about, you can always ask and they'll be able to tell you. I remember getting that question all the time when I worked in restaurants as a teen. 
  • I wasnt craving a cold cut sub until I came here and read all of this ugggghhhhhhh Ok, just need to get my mind obsessing on a different food, something I have around here..... I brought a salad :/ Work is the only time I eat good because Im forced to eat what I bring because IM too lazy to go out and get something. Thank God the Panera across the street closed down. 

    My girls group always puts out there in the beginning if its kid friendly or girls only lol. But yeah, girls weekend means girls only. 
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