New to the Process at 43

Hi everyone. I am 43 and DH is 45.  I actually went off BC back in the summer of 2013.  So we have either been actively trying (or) not, not trying since then.  But nothing ever happened naturally.  We previously never went to an RE but my normal doctor gave me a number of the basic tests and everything seemed to check out ok back then, so she said we should go to RE.  But life.....happened, and we never pursued it and DH and I sort of avoided talking about the fact that it did not happen.  After I turned 40, I made peace with myself that it was not meant to be.  But on our 10 year anniversary in April, my DH threw me a curveball and brought up the fact that we need to do something because he has not given up hope.  So, here I am 8 years older...we just took all of our initial tests and will be scheduling a follow-up with doctor in a couple weeks to determine what options we have.  Based on what I read, I assume the option at this point is IVF given my age, but I guess we will see.  I don't really understand alot of the in's and outs yet and the whole process sounds overwhelming.  When I was taking the HSG last week and I asked the doctor about chances at my age, he said to check what the AMH level was and if it was under .2-.4 that means it is not good news at all but at my age if I am over .8-.9 that is good news.  I went home and checked and it was 1.29, so I guess that is positive news....  Based on a discussion with the nurse today, if after we meet with Doctor the decision is to do IVF, it sounds like Aug or Sept would be when I could start.  I was thinking we would need to move fast but reading some of your posts, sounds like the preparation steps can take time.  

Is anyone else here in the over 40 group?  

Re: New to the Process at 43

  • Hello @c018924. Welcome! I’m sorry that you are going through this, but I’m also glad that you found this community. This is a place where you can find people who totally get what you are going through, and though it’s all virtual, you’ll definitely feel care and support. 😊

    I’m turning 43 yo this Sept, DH is gonna be 41. We’ve been on this journey since 2016 and I’m on my TWW, 7dp5dt to be exact. My AMH is .54 so your 1.29 is ❤️. I’ll be stalking you here on your Aug-Sept IVF. I hope you graduate here really really soon. 
  • Hello, welcome, and I wish you graduate quickly!

    I am 43 as well and for the past couple of weeks I am looking into IVF as well. We've been ttc naturally for almost 2 years now and recently my DH suggested that we pursue it more actively... From what I read here, it's important to find the right doctors, protocols, donors and clinics for you, so now I'm searching, reading, and overwhelmed. 

     I will be here to talk and chat to whenever you guys want I wish you all good luck!❤
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  • Hi - 
    I'm 43.  It's tough when you are older both in terms of options and what the medical community may say to you.  There are huge differences in protocols and your ultimate comfort level with the doctor is critical.

    TW Child mentioned

    I ended up using a donor embryo. We have a daughter who just turned one.  

    Hope this tough journey works out for you. Here to listen anytime.

  • Hi @c018924 I am 42. I found reading "It Starts with the Egg" helpful before I did my IVF. 

  • Hello and welcome! 
    I am not yet a member of the 40+ group, but will be joining in shortly girls!  :D 
    I am wishing for everyone all the best! 
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