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Monday B*tch fest

Re: Monday B*tch fest

  • @chgilmore Ugh, that’s rough. How does anyone think “That’ll be interesting” is an appropriate response to announcing a pregnancy?

    AFM: I’m flying to a customer visit today, and airport security was a mess. The line was short, but I swear TSA forgot how to efficiently move people through the line. The belt I was at ended up with an error alarm (not their fault) so they decided to have me move over to a different belt. I already had everything unpacked, so I went to grab my trays and was told I couldn’t take them. So I had to pack everything up and take it to the end of a different line. Then my stuff didn’t end up together at all, so my computer and phone were just hanging out waiting for me when I finally got through. I just keep telling myself that it’s a direct flight, so everything doesn’t matter because once I land, I’m done until Wednesday. 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]kmw611Katzalia
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  • @chgilmore that’s irritating. Sounds like it’s good that you live half way across the country. Hopefully your dad is excited though! 

    @makingbacon sorry TSA was slow! Hopefully the rest of your flight will be smooth.

    my Monday bitch fest is that the hormone relaxin is already giving me ligament pain and sacroiliac pain on my lower back. So me and ds are having a lazy day at the house!

    chgilmore[Deleted User]kmw611
  • @makingbacon yeah they are definitely not my favorite people. that's so frustrating about TSA! the direct flight is going to feel so easy after all that.
    [Deleted User]
  • @photographerwife I am definitely very glad to be far removed (I'm in Seattle; they're in FL). my dad has expressed some excitement to me but it doesn't feel like a lot of investment yet? idk. that's really rough with the ligament pain! ouch! glad you're taking it easy :)
  • Oof, it's amazing how quickly that pesky hormone kicks in @photographerwife
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore how frustrating to get such a blah response to such exciting news! I’m glad they aren’t local and can’t rain on your parade. Also I’m near Seattle and my parents are in Florida so I definitely understand appreciating the distance sometimes.

    @makingbacon how annoying. I hope your flight was uneventful and you’re able to have a nice evening now that your probably landed. 

    @photographerwife ugh RLP is awful. I’m sorry you’re experiencing it so early this pregnancy! 
    [Deleted User]photographerwifeKatzaliachgilmore
  • @chgilmore that’s so rude. Some people do a really good job convincing us why it’s better to keep them far removed. 

    @photographerwife I’m sorry about the RL and SI pain. I’ve already got a PT visit set up because of similar issues. So annoying and uncomfortable.  

    @makingbacon ugh on your TSA experience. Nothing like having to do things the hardest possible way. 

    chgilmorephotographerwife[Deleted User]
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