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FFFC 6.18

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Re: FFFC 6.18

  • ...I feel like I'm not as mad as I should be that the cramps/nausea/tender boobs/bloating are getting in the way of my sex drive xD
  • @chgilmore I feel ya on the symptoms getting in the way of my sex drive. Though, I am mad and frustrated about it. Lately I get most nauseous right before bed, UGGHHH.
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  • @lexilougolden +1 for bedtime rises in nausea! if I'm not perfectly situated in my snoogle on my left side, I am certain that I would hurl
  • Since we are on the subject, leave it to IF to kill everyone's sex drive around here.  About the only time we ever have sex anymore is when my due date is getting close, so we can try to get labor going, or maybe somebody's birthday.  I still read these intro stories about people making babies the old fashioned way, and I'm like, aww, that's so cute.  I wish it would work that way for us!  We might actually do it more!  ha.
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