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Little Spoon not shipped safely

Just wanted to share my experience, which has been super disappointing.  

The preamble - to qualify my opinions it’s worth noting that I am a former professional chef (over 10 years as an executive chef and certified food safety trainer) and also was a regional sales manager for a gourmet food purveyor that shipped prepared foods as well as wholesale meats, poultry and produce to restaurants and direct to consumer.  We did all kinds of time-temperature studies on our products to make sure that we could be sure they would remain a safe temperature even under less than ideal circumstances.  This is basic food shipping safety.  It’s required by the FDA.  

All that being said, I was super excited to try Little Spoon bc I’m a working mama and it looks like a great idea.  I have now received my second shipment in a row of the plates that arrived way too warm, totally unsafe for human consumption.  This was the do-over after the first shipment, and they actually used FEWER ice packs this time.

Everything about their shipping protocol is inadequate and substandard.  They are using a flimsy, unlined cardboard box and not a cooler box (or even heavy corrugated cardboard).  They have it “lined” with a layer of what is basically a flimsy packing blanket, which they proudly advertise is from recycled plastics. So you can feel good about the environment while you give babies food poisoning I guess?  There is zero insulation value to this material. They are also using less than half the number of ice packs they would need even if they were using an appropriate styrofoam lined cooler box.   They are also not using any filler material like bubble wrap, air packs or paper to fill the empty space in the boxes.  Most egregious, they are shipping food in these substandard containers by standard shipping, not even overnight. OF COURSE food is not going to make it to its destination cold.  It’s not going to make it an hour out of their warehouse at safe temps given that it is SUMMER.  This is all incredibly basic common sense food safety, and they are GOING TO HURT SOMEONE’S CHILD.  I’m reporting it to the FDA bc most people have no idea it could be dangerous.  It’s just nuts! 

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