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Ten Things Tuesday 6.15

What's got you feeling happy today?
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Re: Ten Things Tuesday 6.15

  • 1. Slept pretty well last night
    2. Air conditioning (it's going to be 105 in SLC today)
    3. My first prenatal appointment is three weeks from today, but who's counting?!
    4. Wedding planning-- hope the dress fits in two months ;)
    5. Sundresses. Comfy and easy.
    6. Naps... I'm already gearing up for one and it's 10am.
    7. Audiobooks
    8. Hobbies-- crafting
    9. My loving dog
    10. My fiance that keeps me laughing
    [Deleted User]makingbaconangelz429
  • 1) good sex
    2) audiobooks
    3) YA
    4) my daughter giving me cute snuggles this morning
    5) my son comes home tomorrow after visiting family in Michigan for 3 weeks 
    6) I’m on vacation for 9 days starting after work on Friday!
    7) I’m on a long weekend vacay to St. Augustine over the 4th
    8) staying consistent with my peloton workouts
    9) 90s pop music
    10) I’m pregnant 💜 and first appt is this Friday
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  • kmw611kmw611 member
    1. My toddler Tula 

    2. Tula naps for sick kids. 

    3. Coffee

    4. Disney+ and my brother’s PLEX account. 

    5. America’s best for always carrying my DS1s fav glasses so when he breaks them (again🙄) I can just pick up the frame and swap his lenses in. 

    6. Playdoh and magnatiles for big bro quiet entertainment 

    7. the sunny but not overly hot day we’re having so I’m not super sweaty and gross wearing my massive toddler on my back. 

    8. Watermelon sour patch kids🤤. 

    9. Cross stitch

    10. Michaels drive up pickup because I’m missing floss colors for my new pattern. 

    Clearly I’m thankful for anything that makes coping with my sicko toddler today easier lol. 
    [Deleted User]photographerwifelexilougoldenangelz429
  • 1. my GP for doing my beta again today so I don't have to wait for my u/s next Friday 0.0
    2. MH for being dedicated to problem solving with me
    3. cute koala newborn booties (listen, it'll be dead of winter up here, gotta make sure those baby feet are warm!)
    4. snuggly fur babies
    5. n a p s
    6. coffee
    7. ginger ale and ginger lemon tea
    8. my mom for sending lemon roll on essential oil
    9. pregnancy pillows
    10. this community

    @lexilougolden yes! pups are such a gift. fx for your dress! I'm sure it'll look gorgeous
    @angelz429 that #1 is a great one ;)
    @fuscok88 fx today stays as easy as possible for you and kiddo!
    [Deleted User]photographerwifelexilougoldenangelz429
  • @angelz429 Ohh, that vacation sounds nice! Glad your son is home soon!
    @fuscok88 watermelon sour patch are my favorite! I also love cross stitching--need to do it more!
    @chgilmore what pregnancy pillow do you have? I've been looking! I hope the dress still fits! It has some give to it so fingers crossed for sure!
    chgilmoreangelz429[Deleted User]
  • @lexilougolden I got a snoogle! I like the shape and how it conforms to my body from the back and the front but without taking up too much space :) feel free to post a picture if you're comfortable of the dress!!!
    lexilougolden[Deleted User]
  • 1. I took the best nap during lunch today. 
    2. The weather is so nice today. Fingers crossed the really high temps are gone for awhile. 
    3. Stretchy lounge pants
    4. My dog for motivating me to take a walk this morning. 
    5. My husband
    6. Balloons
    7. First ultrasound tomorrow - I’ll be nervous until it’s over. 
    8. My boys
    9. I mentioned this yesterday, but having the boys’ seasons switched in their dressers and closets. It made dressing them so much easier today. 
    10. Apples with caramel dip

    @lexilougolden I 2nd the snoogle recommendation. I love mine so much. 

    @angelz429 Kid snuggles are the best. 

    @fuscok88 Magna tiles are the best. DS1 has really gotten into playing with them recently, and they are so nice and quiet. Unlike the majority of his toys lol. 

    @chgilmore Those newborn booties are the best. I already have my eye on ordering a bunch more. This will be my first winter baby, and I have everything crossed that baby doesn’t decide to arrive in a snowstorm. We’re not super far from the hospital, but it’s wide open space with high winds. So it could be interesting lol. 
    lexilougolden[Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @lexilougolden You look gorgeous! Love the dress!
    lexilougolden[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @lexilougolden love you dress!! I hope it fits perfectly still on your big day! When I read that in your 10 things at first I was thinking you were going to a wedding😂 (the pregnancy fog is real over here). I was pregnant with DS2 when I married my husband and spent the whole first tri hoping my dress would still fit 😂. 
    lexilougolden[Deleted User]
  • @makingbacon thank you!
    @fuscok88 Thank you, me too! Luckily it's from a dress rental place, so if it doesn't fit I can scramble and get a completely different one. I keep looking in the mirror wondering how big I can be for it to fit :D
    photographerwife[Deleted User]
  • 1.  Finally (almost!) getting all the AIOs (fancy cloth diapers) up from the basement and put away in the shelf, looking cute lol<div>2.  Tech support is always so helpful!
    3.  Awesome rehearsal
    4.  Skor bar</div><div>5.  Hot 'n sweet coffee</div><div>6.  Knowing precisely where DDs favorite t shirt is when daddy texts me to ask</div><div>7.  Getting to the gas station in the nick of time!
    8.  Alone time to journal
    9.  Knowing this baby is growing inside me</div><div>10.  Watching these two sweet little sisters growing up before my eyes... ❤️❤️</div>
  • Ah! @lexilougolden 😍 you are going to be so gorgeous and GLOWING on your wedding day!  I'm so excited we get to "be there" for it as you get ready...
  • @lexilougolden OMG GIRL YES YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! that is going to be so stunning (esp. w/ a wee bump, imo hehehe) 
    @makingbacon I am basically living in stretchy pants (or dresses/skirts) now, jeans have decided to no longer fit. they make the world go round! fx for your u/s tomorrow!! <3 
    @BusinessWife skor bars! yes! and we love great timing at the gas station!
    [Deleted User]lexilougolden
  • I am that girl who got a skor bar and <i>sugar free</i> jerky at the gas station. @chgilmore 🤷 but really it's bc the sugar free one also didn't have msg and all the other garbage in it.  In my head at least it kind of made sense lol<div>@makingbacon is there any other kind of pant!???? 🤣 GL tomorrow ❤️
    @fuscok88 now I want magna tiles and sourpatch kids lol</div>
  • @lexilougolden you and your dress are both gorgeous!
    [Deleted User]
  • @chgilmore Thank you!! I'm hoping the wee bump fits :)
    @BusinessWife Aww, I'm glad to have you guys! Also... Skor bars are my favorite. I think I need one now. :)
    @kmb0108 Thank you! I was a bundle of nerves trying to find a new dress that might work for my wedding---not knowing how big I'll get!
    chgilmore[Deleted User]
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