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I’m concerned about what I eat while pregnant

I have no clue what I should and shouldn’t eat while pregnant. I am newly 5 weeks pregnant and I am very overwhelmed with all the articles I see about what I can’t do. I am at the point now where I am concerned about anything I eat and I look up nutrition facts to make sure I feel ok eating it. I guess I just want to know if anyone feels or felt as concerned as I do. Has anyone’s OB told them that drinking wine is ok every once and a while? I keep seeing conflicting articles about everything. Some say don’t do this or that and some say its ok and not to worry. Any advice?

Re: I’m concerned about what I eat while pregnant

  • The only things I steered clear of while pregnant was sushi and cold cuts. Mostly because I am not a fan of cold cuts in general. Other than that, I ate whatever my stomach could tolerate. I say get off Google, you're not doing yourself any favors. Eat what you, use your best judgment. You know not to eat raw foods, so don't. Simple. 🤷‍♀️ If you can only tolerate crackers and water do it. 

    As far as wine goes, I never drank it while pregnant,  but I was high risk and couldn't. So, that is something to take up with your dr. 
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  • At the end of the day, most of the foods you should avoid are those with higher risk of food poisoning or some other GI upset risk. That being said, when I was pregnant with my daughter, romaine lettuce was recalled most of the time due to listeria, and you'll never see lettuce on a "do not eat" list. 🤷‍♀️

    I lived off of crackers and rice for the first trimester, and couldn't tolerate veggies (except romaine lettuce, so I was real mad about the recalls 😂) most of the time I was pregnant. Just eat what sounds good now, and worry about nutrition when the nausea is gone. 

    Personally, I wouldn't drink alcohol while pregnant. There is no 'safe' level. But I know many people still have the occasional drink. 
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  • Follow basic food safety rules, eat at reputable places and you will be fine. I ate sushi, deli meat, soft cheeses, etc while pregnant. I did stay away from alcohol, but partly because it felt like a slippery slope for me personally and I didn’t want to worry about if any amount was too much. I don’t judge other people for drinking occasionally.
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  • I wouldn't smoke or drink, if you can help it.  Food wise, don't eat anything sketchy / raw for the sake of avoiding food poisoning.  I would advise basically just use common sense and try not to over-think it.
  • My doctor told me: eat as normal as you do on a daily basis.  Balanced diet is best.  Not too much fish nor sushi.  As for deli meats - they are fine the chances of getting ill are almost none - just don't eat it EVERY DAY and be sure that it is from reputable places.  Limit sugars.
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    You do what you feel is best, coupled with common sense. My doctor told me no raw fish, no cold cuts, no soft cheeses (unless the label says pasteurized). I've been eating a lot of spinach pie, but the feta is baked so it's fine. No alcohol, no smoking, no drugs. I think I could be eating healthier, but I've been so queasy that I will eat whatever I can tolerate. I have also been limiting my coffee intake, and when I do drink coffee, it's either a small cup of half caf/half decaf or full decaf.

    Also, I would take a prenatal vitamin everyday if you haven't started already.
  • Thank y’all for the advice!
  • Ultimately,  they don't know the effects of even small amounts of alcohol while pregnant so I choose to abstain from that. 

    Otherwise I eat pretty much anything as long as it seems like it's not sketchy.  Most of the food recommendations stem from concerns over foodborne illness so use your own judgment and pay attention to food recalls. Personally, I'll eat cold cuts, sushi, etc if I feel it comes from a good place. I'l feel like the foodborne illnesses is higher with lettuce and melon that those things, so... 
  • What @vampirina said. There is no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy. The other ladies pretty much nailed it with food. My doctor told me that cold cuts are basically more because of nitrates than a risk for listeria. And it’s definitely higher risk in lettuce and ice cream actually which are never suggested to avoid. 
  • Hi hi. I’m vegan so it’s been pretty simple for me. My nutritionist recommended that I also avoid raw sprouts - like bean sprouts in pad thai and micro sprouts is salads/sandwiches. Of all plant foods, they are the most likely to get you sick.

    My understanding is that zero alcohol is safe, but I know many women whose doctors allowed them to have a tiny bit of beer. I’d ask your doctor and abstain completely for the first trimester at least.

    My happiest news was hearing that 200mg of caffeine is okay. I don’t know how I would stay awake this first trimester without it!
    Good luck! Try not to stress too much.
  • Follow lily Nichols RDN on Instagram! She also has a blog with soo many articles and an incredible book. She’s a registered prenatal dietitian and has the best advice and recipes! I was so nervous too and she has helped me relax a ton while still making sure baby gets all the nutrients it needs. The prenatal nutritionist on Instagram is another good account to follow.
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