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Thankful Thursday 6.10

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Re: Thankful Thursday 6.10

  • I am actually super thankful for BGs godparents.  It was so hard for us to finally ask my cousins to be godparents for DD, because they live so far away.  And then we still felt like we didn't know anyone else much at Church yet to ask for BG.  But there was just one couple who had always been friendly and introduced themselves right away when we started going there, started hanging out more with mommy group, and then at her house when mommy group was cancelled lol.  I am so very grateful for our friendship, and that I asked, and that they said Yes!  I got to meet their sweet little baby last night, too (who was born the same day we found out we were pregnant with this baby).  My cup is just overflowing. <3
  • @BusinessWife Aww! What an awesome friendship! I'm jealous of you getting to see/hold a baby! I haven't done that in years!
    [Deleted User]
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  • @businesswife that’s so sweet! Glad you have such great friends! Glad to hear your cup is overflowing! After IF, it’s so great to see the sunshine for once! I’m sure you feel similar! 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]
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