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Weekly Randoms 6.9.21

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Good morning!

What's going on?

Re: Weekly Randoms 6.9.21

  • I'll go first! Just assembled little announcements for my mom + stepdad and for SO's parents. They're little boxes with booties in them, with a note that says "our family is growing by two feet!" We'll probably give my parents it this weekend and SO's parents will be next week! Excited!!!
  • It is my birthday and yes I am that person who likes to tell everyone because I like finding reasons to celebrate and be joyful if I can! I tried a new crepe place and it was the bomb diggity (french canadian aka maple latte and a ham/egg/fancy cheese crepe). I am willing this day to be a good day.
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  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @lexilougolden those sound super cute!! How exciting to be sharing the news this weekend! 

    @chgilmore happy birthday!!! That crepe sounds amazing! I hope you have a great day!

    As for me, it’s just ridiculous over here😂. We’re working on potty training because my 2yo has been showing readiness signs for like 6 months so I really need to just let him do it. It’s not going well. Yesterday 1/4 on the potty before he refused to take the diaper off after naptime. Today 0/3 on the potty including one poop on my carpet that he told me about immediately and in the time it took me to grab some wipes to pick it up the dog rolled in it smushing it into the carpet and his fur. Sent him out back and found a baby mouse dead on my back porch. Just gotta laugh about it all or I’m going to quit before he really has a chance at potty training. Fingers crossed after naptime goes better!
    chgilmore[Deleted User]
  • @chgilmore Happy Birthday!! Crepes are so damn delicious. Wish I had a place near me... might have to google that soon.

    @fuscok88 Oh no!! Potty Training is hard! I was a nanny for 6 years and trained three kids-- it takes some serious mental strength to get through it! You got this! Also, my dog probably would have done the same thing, she has the instinct *must cover my scent!!*
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  • Thanks y'all, this day didn't start the best but the crepe was indeed very good and I'm looking forward to going out to dinner with MH after work
    @fuscok88 omg that sounds WILD I am keeping fingers crossed that today goes a lot better for you and he makes the transition soon
    @lexilougolden those boxes sound so cute! very excited for you! I hope they appreciate the effort. the only parent we're doing anything special with is my FIL (both our parents are divorced so we did this one at a time and my FIL lives local whereas the rest of our parents are on the East coast) and we're going to give him a special grandpa board book for father's day :)
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  • Happy Birthday, @chgilmore !!!  Hope you and YH have a nice evening!

    After work in a little bit here, I have to get over to this orientation stuff they call, "Bootcamp" for the show I'm in, and I'm a little scared lol  Andplus already exhausted.  They said they want us to wear bright colors for the FB pic tonight, but I might not make it there in time for that anyway, since I'll have to get changed and wait for DH to get home before I can leave...  I also wanted to swing by my friend's place who just had a baby and bring them dinner!  But of course, I didn't finish the dinner yet and now I'm all, what's DH going to eat if I make dinner for them?  lol  I might be trying to do too much...
  • @BusinessWife thank you! and wow yeah that does sound like a lot! I hope you are taking opportunities to rest <3
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    @lexilougolden how cute! I bet they’ll love that! I’m starting to look for announcement ideas too! Share a pic if you want! 

    @chgilmore that crepe sounds delicious! Hope you had a good dinner!

    @fuscok88 oh no! That sounds terrible! I’m so glad my son never had a poop phase. But he did pee all over the floor BESIDE the toilet earlier, on purpose. So aggravating. But my recommendation would be to push it off a few more months and try again! Two is still pretty early! We had a ton of luck with the no pants method when we did. And just took it slow. 

    @businesswife hope boot camp isn’t bad tonight! And I hope yh found something to eat. 😂 when we have weird nights like that it’s a “fend for yourself” kind of night! 

    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @lexilougolden What a cute idea!! 

    @chgilmore Happy Birthday!!! I hope the rest of your day goes well and you can enjoy your day :)

    @fuscok88 I am dreading the potty training process, my son is 21 months but not totally showing signs, and I'm not rushing lol. All I picture is how you are describing your experience 🙂 

    @BusinessWife I need a nap just reading what your day is like! I agree to listen to your body and rest when needed!

    As for me, I am currently trying to find new, easy recipes to make for my son and I find it so stressful. Not just finding the meals, but then planning them, figuring out when to get the groceries and what items I need so I can prep and finding a time to cook it all!  This was more of a vent so thanks for listening :)
    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @photographerwife yea 2 is still a little early but I’ve already pushed it off 6 months since he started showing readiness signs. We’re definitely taking it slow and following his lead. He hasn’t wanted to go diaper free after naptime and that’s fine because I totally need a break from watching him like a hawk by then 😂. 

    @axl0060 You just have to remember to laugh while potty training😂 DS2 hasn’t peed on my yet so he’s got that going for him. The first day of potty training with DS1 he peed on me at least 3 times. And related to meal planning my kids LOVE honey garlic chicken and it’s super easy with few Ingredients. It takes about 15 minutes and is my lazy night favorite because it’s home cooked and still super quick and easy. I find meal planning for a month at a time and doing one big grocery shop for shelf stable ingredients so much easier and less stressful than weekly planning. Then I can run to the store/farmers market for just fruits/veggies and milk when we need them. 
    photographerwife[Deleted User]bloomer0060chgilmore
  • Thank you! @photographerwife  I feel so bad, I didn't even make it.  I got all dressed to go, but DH got home so late I just brought my friend dinner, I got to meet the baby(!), we chatted, and I drove home.  I'll be sure to be there tomorrow though.  The kicker is, I even made the second dinner for us and DH ate practically none of it.  I had a little bit dished up for the toddler, which she didn't touch, so he had those couple of her leftover bites and that was it.  At least it will be ready for us tomorrow.... :/

    @axl0060  IDK if you guys have any particular dietary issues, but I LOVE the, "cook once eat all week," cookbook.  It's mostly geared towards GF/paleo ish, and there are ways to tweak the recipes to make the DF as well, but honestly, they are all just SO TASTY!!!  The eggroll in a bowl, even my picky toddler will actually eat every time I've made it, and she says it's delicious!  and by eat I mean, willingly take like two or three whole bites. lol
  • @fuscok88 Potty training is rough. DS1 started a couple months after he turned 2. He did decently well with peeing, but getting him to poop on the toilet was hard. Once he started pooping on the toilet, we did potty charts and m&m’s. He loved putting a sticker on the chart, and when he filled the whole thing up, he got a bigger (aka $10) prize of his choosing. 

    @BusinessWife That is a lot for 1 night! I’m sure it was frustrating tonight, but you’ll have dinner for tomorrow already done. 

    @chgilmore Happy Birthday!

    @lexilougolden Your announcements sound super cute! Everyone is inspiring me to attempt a cute announcement for our families. I tried a Big Brother shirt for DS1 to announce DS2 on FaceTime, but we’d just gotten a new dog, and my dad thought I meant he was big brother to the dog. So it failed lol. 

    AFM: I’m at a work event all week. It’s been nice, but weird, to see everyone. Customers are also here, so I’ve been knocking meetings out like crazy. I’m super tired, but it’ll save me so much time not traveling to each individual location in the next few weeks. 
    kmw611[Deleted User]chgilmore
  • @fuscok88 Thanks! I am excited to share but it still feels surreal without having a sonogram picture!
    @chgilmore That sounds cute! Love to see a pic when you do it!
    @axl0060 I love this site for recipes: https://ourbestbites.com/ I get it though, the whole process is time-consuming!
    @BusinessWife I hope today is calmer for you! So sorry that the fam didn't appreciate your dinner making, that is frustrating!
    @photographerwife I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them! *face palm* I'll get one once their opened (if I can remember in the excitement) :)
    @makingbacon I'm still not used to being around big groups of people! Hopefully you'll get some rest soon! I'm cracking up over your announcement story! I thought about wearing a "mama" shirt on a Facetime with the Future in laws but my fiance said they wouldn't even notice that :D

    [Deleted User]photographerwifechgilmorebloomer0060
  • Thanks everyone, I did have a pretty good rest of the evening! @photographerwife dinner was delicious (marinated pesto calamari salad, lemon cream pistachio tortellini - YUM) and we will definitely be going back! 
    @axl0060 I hear you, meal planning is one of my least favorite activities, mostly because I know actually cooking it is going to take what feels like forever. definitely recommend anything you can throw in a slow cooker pot or can whip together in less than 30 min (like roasted veggies/meat in the oven, drizzle in olive oil and whatever spices on 400F for 25-30 min, DONE)
    @BusinessWife ooof I'm sorry about that. it sounds like you kinda wanted to go, but at the same time I'm glad you got a bit of a break. and more food for later. maybe a blessing in disguise? I'm so glad you got to engage in this friendship with their new babe!
    @lexilougolden I will try my best lol, I already forgot to take a picture of it before DH wrapped the present (a whole week and a half early, I am impressed) so hopefully I'll remember to do it while it's happening!
    bloomer0060[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    It’s my birthday and there is no coffee in my house(regular or decaf). Not how I wanted to start this day😂 
    chgilmore[Deleted User]JWatt5
  • @Fuscok88 Happy Birthday! I hate running out of something that I'm looking forward to consuming! I hope your day gets better!
    kmw611[Deleted User]
  • @fuscok88 happy birthday! sounds like you deserve a latte that you didn't make ;)
    photographerwifekmw611[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    Thanks @lexilougolden and @chgilmore normally I wouldn’t make the drive to town just for coffee but today I did and then realized I could use some vinyl at Michaels and the boys need new bedding for the bunk beds we got them and who doesn’t need a birthday target trip right? 😂
  • @fuscok88 eyyyy we love an impromptu birthday Target trip! and glad you got your coffee too! treat yo self :)
    [Deleted User]kmw611
  • Yay!  @fuscok88 Another birthday girl on our board!  Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Glad you found a way to make up for that glaring omission of coffee this morning. :)
  • @fuscok88 Happy Birthday! Target trips are the best. 
    [Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    Thanks everyone. It was a good day. We went out for pho for dinner and the boys devoured everything. DS1 stole my entire bowl at one point so he could have the broth. DS2 then copied him and tried to steal my husbands and was spoon fed most of his broth so he didn’t burn himself. I forgot how good pho was since I don’t think we’ve gone there since COVID.
    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • ooh, we love pho! That sounds so yummy @fuscok88
  • @fuscok88 It sounds like you had a really good birthday! I don’t think I’ve ever had pho. What’s in it?

    AFM: I took DS1 clothes shopping today for summer clothes. He’s at a size now that garage sales are more hit or miss, and he’s straddling the line between toddler and little boy sizes. So we went to lunch, went clothes shopping, and then went to the butterfly house. I was a little concerned about all the clothes I needed him to try on, but he did great. He figured out where the size was on the tag and went to town looking at shirts and putting the ones he liked in the cart. It was also weird going out with him and not needing a diaper bag. I literally grabbed snacks and my purse before we left. 
    [Deleted User]chgilmore
  • That sounds awesome! @makingbacon There is always just So. Much. Stuff. to bring.  and 9/10 we don't end up needing most of it, but then that one time, you're like see - thisiswhyIcanneverstopbringingallthethingswithus wherever we go  :s :s  :s 
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