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Hello! New here!

Hello to all!

I have been reading and visiting threads for a couple of days and I finally decided that I am ready to maybe become a part of this community, so I would like to introduce myself.
I am 38yo, single and ttc. I have been diagnosed with PCOS a long time ago, but I naively thought that when I really wanted to conceive it would happen despite this. I was in a long term relationship, I wanted to TTC, but he didn't, and wasn't very clear about it. He just kept putting it off, or changing his mind, and I just kept waiting. Long story short, when I decided that I want to have a baby, and that I am capable to do it alone, I started my journey with doctors and fertility tests. That's when I learned that it is close to impossible for me to conceive naturally, and they would suggest IVF and donnor egg even if I was with a partener. So, I am going to need a donnor egg (and sperm obv). Right now, I am at the researching stage, trying to figure out and understand this chaos in front of me (is it trully a chaos or is it in my head?), trying to have a positive attidute about the journey I am just starting and really really trying to keep the dark, self blaming thoughts out of my head.

Not sure if this the right way to go about it, but well that's where I'm at atm.
I do apologize for the long post, I promise I will get better with practice.

Nice to meet you all, and good luck to everyone!
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