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Monday BF

How is everyone's Monday going?
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Re: Monday BF

  • NOT GREAT!!!! lol

    In case anyone out there is not aware, ticks are gross.

    They are really bad this year, too.  We have drops we have to put on the dogs monthly to try to prevent them becoming a problem for us / inside the house.  I told DH more than once, I need him to do that for me while I'm pregnant because it's a strong chemical and I don't think it's right that I should have to handle that right now.  (not that I ever love doing it, but whatever.)  He obviously just doesn't give a shh and doesn't do it, so now, this is me, PULLING A TICK OFF MY SHOULDER while I go downstairs to deal with laundry.  Ughh!!!  They are just a few days past when they were supposed to get it, but they are so aggressive, that's all it takes!  The dog hangs out down there, and then I don't have to be down there two minutes before one finds me.  That's about what I can figure, because I haven't even been outside yet except on the porch to water plants.  To DH: Can we please take this shhh a little more seriously!??????  I have even heard they are becoming immune to the drops, but we were okay for most of May (after finding no less than SIX in the house late April.)
  • @BusinessWife I hear you on the ticks. I give my dog simpirica a flea and tick pill and forgot to give it to him in time and pulled a big one off of him yesterday too! If you think it’s more than your dogs, we use granules in our yard this time of year to treat them too! And use a deep woods off bug spray outside. But we live in the woods basically! I’d tell dh to get on it! 
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  • Yeah, we might have to start using spray when we do go out, too. @photographerwife  Do you have a link for the granules?  I have thought about it, but it is a huge yard and we rent, so I'm not too sure if it would really make sense.  The lawn part you would think would be fine, but then we have a stream that's like a wood's edge and they are HORRIBLE there.  Like, how much can you really treat THE FOREST!??? lmao

    Apparently, I am having a super Monday-ish Monday!  I need to purchase a wedding gift, and I picked something out a few weeks ago, but I just never finished the checkout.  Ugg.  So here I am doing it again, wayfair is being such a pain!  I think I found a few gifts I want to go for (since what I picked initially has already been purchased by now), and the stupid Wayfair 1. Won't combine shipping into fewer shipments.  I don't care if it all gets there Thursday, but why are the three things each going there tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday????  2.  Paypal won't load, so it's just spinning and I don't really want to have to go get my card and put it in directly.  3.  I go to reload it and see if Paypal will decide to work, and ALL THE SHIPPING DATES HAVE CHANGED TO NEXT WEEK!!????  This is the kind of thing that made me just give up and walk away in the first place but... I actually do need to get them a gift.  Grrrr.
  • @BusinessWife oh no!!! those ticks sound NASTY. and that wayfair stuff is so frustrating! I hope paypal stops being a butt soon and you can begin to reclaim your Monday <3

    I am le tired this monday because I was very silly and stayed up too late last night (and surprisingly didn't feel like I needed a nap yesterday). now I'm attending a virtual "new hire orientation" at work despite the fact that I attended one before when I started as an intern so I get to tune out until they go over benefits in a few hours lol.
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  • @BusinessWife We have sooooo many deer and fox and other critters in our back yard and the ticks are horrible, the ONLY thing that works on our dogs is Bravecto, Its kinda pricey but works for 3 months (we actually stretch it and give it to them every almost 4 months so we only have to dose them twice a year). Even so, if we just walk out to the trash cans we usually will get a tick or two. 

    @photographerwife I too am interested in these granules you speak of, please share :) 

    My MBF is my boss. Ever since she added me as a signor on our bank account she hasnt been back to the office in over 6 months, she did finally come back last week but has been tied up with her  sons shenanigans. The sons wife is bat sh crazy and they enable this woman. She doesnt work, she doesnt clean, she wont even watch their kid. Like if the daycare is closed for a day, the bosses son has to stay home to watch their kid. Thats right, her son works for us but gets paid a ridiculous amount to do absolutely nothing! He costs us way more money than he is worth. It would be a better financial decision for us to just pay him a salary to stay home and not do anything with the business. My boss even tells our bankers and CPAs and customers that the only reason her son works for the company is because he is her son and he couldnt hold a job anywhere else. Thats terrible! So today we are already down an office person that quit last week and my boss and her son both left because they are too stressed over the sons wife. uggghhhhh so stupid. So myself and one other coworker pretty much run the company, the company would be completely screwed if one of us left. 
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  • Feeling pretty emotional, thanks hormones for going all over the place! Anxious about how my fiance's son is going to take the news. He's an only child (7 years old) and struggles as it is with dealing with life's changes (both of his parents are getting married soon. We also moved about a year ago). I just hope the news of a baby isn't as overwhelming as it seems it might be for him. It's such a joyous thing and something I've wanted my whole life (being a mommy). It's hard to view that (me having a baby) as something negative and hard for someone else. We're doing our best and hopefully some child's therapy will help!

    @BusinessWife Ticks are freaky! Luckily we don't have too many where I live. I don't know if I'd be able to find one on my super fluffy Golden Retriever.

    @chgilmore Orientations are monotonous! Luckily you can tune out!
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  • @lexilougolden haha I am definitely tuned out but love getting paid rn. that definitely sounds like a lot of transitioning! as a child therapist and former child who had a lot of similar transitions around that age, I cannot recommend getting him into a therapist if you and your fiance feel he needs it. all children (and tbh, all people) can benefit, even if it feels preventative (ie he isn't haven't too many external behaviors yet). I hear you doing your best and trying to consider his needs and that are also feeling so much joy for yourself <3

    @livingoffpbjs omg that is so wild! I'm sorry that you're dealing with that nonsense. I'm surprised your boss is so open about the nepotism. I hope you are managing your stress okay...also have you started thinking about finding a new job? the idea that the company would be completely lost about you sounds hella toxic to me o.o
  • @BusinessWife Ticks always gross me out. I hate pulling them out/off of people and pets. I've heard we have a lot on trails in our area so far this year, but we haven't come in contact with any. Now that I've jinxed it, we'll have a bunch lol.

    @chgilmore Did they at least feed you if you have to go to orientation again? 

    @livingoffpbjs Your boss/son setup at work sounds awful. I work for a smaller family owned company, so we have some of that, but definitely not that blatant.  Like @chgilmore said, I hope you're managing your stress okay.

    @lexilougolden I don't have any experience with child therapy, so I'm sending hugs. I do think it's great you're both thinking of him and how he'll do with the announcement now and making a plan.

    AFM: My problem is small, but irritating today.  I was talking with one of my sales guys today that I work very closely with, and he brought up family planning (mine) because apparently he has no filter or boundaries.  As always, I skated around the questions. At the end he told me that, while he'd be happy for me, I better not go on maternity leave any time soon and abandon him. I sarcastically told him that I'd take his feelings/schedule into account while family planning with my husband. He then acted offended.  He knows my history, so not sure why he'd ever think that was appropriate.  This is the same guy who was offended when I didn't tell him about DS2 until 20 weeks.  We never formally announce pregnancies, so people find out when I start showing.
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    @makingbacon ugh, he sounds like a peach.  Idk why people feel the need to insert themselves into what is obviously a completely personal matter, like maybe they are trying to be funny?  Who is he that he would have a say, or get a personal announcement??? Lol. People are ridiculous.

    @lexilougolden GL talking with your future step son.  That's going to be a big adjustment, but hopefully he may be excited too!?  I would probably wait a bit before bringing it up.  Do you plan to find out the sex, or stay team green?  I'm not an expert, but helping him visualize what it will be like, and how awesome and fun to have a forever pal in their baby brother or sister may help.  DD is very young, but we just read (over and over) a couple of those big sister books, we got her a doll, and she handled it amazingly, I think.  I'm sure a therapist can help you with more strategies to help him prepare emotionally and frame it in a super positive light.  Try not to stress!  I think if you are clearly happy about it, that may make it easier for him to mirror those feelings too, kwim?  As for the ticks, I think it's actually easier to see them on a lighter colored dog ;)

    @chgilmore hopefully the day wasn't a total waste! Lol<div>
    @livingoffpbjs That sounds like a nightmare.  I don't know what kind of work you do, but I might seriously consider talking the owner about hiring and assistant or something, just so there is someone else who kind of knows what's going on in the office.  If they can afford to pay the kid to do nothing, they can afford to pay someone part time anyway to take some of the stress off you, or be able to fill in or something if you or the other guy are sick.  That's crazy. ETA I re read and saw somebody just recently quit too.  I guess I don't even understand how all the family drama makes it into the office in the first place, like, can we not just be professional?  Isn't she embarrassed to put all the family drama out there with clients?  Idgi</div>
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    @chgilmore Yes, I 100% agree! I love therapy :) I also had parents divorce, remarry, and a half sibling born when I was 12, so I feel like I can understand the need for him to have someone to talk to! He definitely has had some external signs of needing some emotional navigational support. Hopefully we'll find someone that is truly helpful!

    @makingbacon Nosy co-worker! My goodness. I'm glad you said what you did because he seriously has no input on the private matter! And, thank you, I'm trying my best! It's tough to be a (soon to be) step parent!

    @livingoffpbjs Ugh, nepotism is so hard! Sorry you have to deal with all of that besides the job itself! My last job, my boss showed extreme favoritism to select employees (and we had no official HR) so it was an incredibly toxic environment.

    @BusinessWife Yes, we think it's best to wait a while too, maybe 20 weeks or so before we tell him. Definitely finding out the sex as soon as I possibly can :) We've been phrasing things like "wouldn't that be fun to share with a baby?" We'll definitely have to get some books for him! Good idea! My dog was attacked a few weeks ago and for the life of me I could not find the bite marks on her. Her hair is so dense! The vet had to show me where they were! Hopefully you're tick situation is over, you shouldn't have to be administering that yucky-chemically stuff!
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  • @BusinessWife
     I am sending good vibes your way!! Mondays can suck it. 

    My MBF:  i am so tired of trying to figure out what to eat all the time. Luckily I haven't had food aversions or nausea so that's not a contributing factor. But the other day I cried cause I just wanted to eat but couldn't figure out what. Like full blown tears 😩😂 stupid hormones. 
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    Yikes everyone! I hope your days all got better! 

    @photographerwife also interested in these granules to treat the ticks. 

    @lexilougolden no advice on sharing the news with your soon to be stepsons but it sounds like you’re super prepared to handle any reaction! 

    My MBF is probably that I received a notice that my property taxes are overdue from my county but they are supposed to be paid by an escrow account through my mortgage. We have 3 land parcels and the mortgage company only paid for the one out home is on and not the other 2. It called today to get it sorted and was told I would have a call back from a customer service person today and it’s now 630 and I’ve not gotten a call back. It’s not a huge deal as we definitely have the money in escrow to cover it but it’s annoying because we’re being charged interest on someone else’s mistake. They paid all 3 in October so idk why they would just do one this time. 
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  • @makingbacon @BusinessWife this was an online orientation so I was, thankfully, at home all day in comfy clothes and I took the opportunity to send MH out to get me food that his baby needed xD the day wasn't a total waste...I did spend an obscene amount of time researching car seats and strollers haha
    @lexilougolden fx that you can get him the support he needs! I'm glad that he has you and his dad supporting him :)
    @alexxajams you are definitely not alone, I was there yesterday XD
    @fuscok88 that's so so frustrating!!! have you heard back since?
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  • @BusinessWife @livingoffpbjs I don’t have the exact link, my husband usually buys them from tractor supply or Atwood’s. Or whatever redneck store/co-op or garden center place you have around. They come in a big bag like grass seed In the pest control section, and and we use a grass seed spreader to put them out! 

    Hope you guys have a better rest of the week! 
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  • kmw611kmw611 member
    @chgilmore nope😡 I called again first thing this morning and insisted on speaking to someone now instead of getting a call back. After explaining repeatedly that no they did not fully pay my taxes despite whatever their system is showing and that we have 3 parcels on one loan they finally asked for me to forward the bills so it can be taken care of. So I called the county for a full itemized bill and realized the 2 parcels they missed were combined only about $200 so I really could have just paid that 😬😂
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