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2nd Trimester

Should I take the 3 hour Glucose Test or call it?

I'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and have a new Ob who was concerned about my 2nd weighing 9lbs at birth (he was 21 inches). She sent me for an early 1 hour Glucose Test and I failed it with a 197. They sent in the request for my to complete the 3 hour test, but I'm wondering if I should just call it GD and not subject myself to the 3 hour test? 

Has anyone failed the 1 hour with such a high number and then passed the 3 hour? The woman I spoke with said she's worked at the office for a year and hasn't seen anyone that high pass it. 

Also, I did not have GD with either of my first 2. We're just a big family and we have big babies 😁 My 1st was 7lbs 19 inches and arrived at week 36. I was a 10 lb 7oz baby, myself. 

Re: Should I take the 3 hour Glucose Test or call it?

  • I think that would probably be worth talking to you OB about, they may still want you to take the 3-hr for further information, or they may be comfortable going ahead and treating it as GD. 
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    The 3 hour test is 4 hours of your life. Dealing with GD the remainder of your pregnancy would be much longer than that and a lot more finger pricks and doctor’s appointments. I’d take the test, although they may want you to retake it all again around 26-28 weeks when you typically take it.

    ETA: I failed my 1 hr and passed my 3 hour with my first pregnancy but I still think I had some undiagnosed GD because she was almost 9lbs. My second I was officially diagnosed and monitored for GD and she was 7lbs.
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  • Please just do the 3hr.  Honestly, it may give more answers and give your provider some more info.  
  • I failed it, And passed the 3 hour. Just follow what your doctor is saying. Good luck
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    I took a 1 hr early because I am high risk for GD, and my family has very large babies. I failed it in the 170s. Took the 3 hr and passed with flying colors. I will still have to do another 3 hr. at 24 weeks, though. I don't think I would call it if you have not had GD with your other babies. 
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