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High-Risk Check-in 6.1

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Please let me know if you do or do not wish to be tagged on this Check-in.  If anyone else wants to take over starting this one on Tuesdays, please feel free! :D 

<div>How far along are you?

</div><div>Why are you high risk?

</div><div>Any additional monitoring or testing this week?

</div><div>Any concerns/news currently?

</div><div>How are you coping being high risk?

</div><div>Any questions? 

@livingoffpbjs   EDD: 2/3 Team:
@axl0060 EDD: 2/4 Team
@makingbacon EDD: 2/8 Team: Green
@BusinessWife EDD: 2/9 Team: Green</div>

Re: High-Risk Check-in 6.1

  • @ashtuesday I wasn't sure if you would feel comfortable being tagged on the High Risk Check-in, based on your situation?  Or if you felt PGAL would be a better fit? (((hugs)))
  • makingbaconmakingbacon member
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    How far along are you? 4 weeks 1 day

    Why are you high risk? 3 previous losses, thyroid, and AMA

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? I'm getting betas, progesterone, and thyroid levels checked this week.

    Any concerns/news currently? No concerns yet

    How are you coping being high risk? I'm feeling anxious, but will hopefully get good news with my blood draw results.  The AMA label was going to happen regardless, so that part doesn't really bother me.  Does anyone know what, if any, extra testing that qualifies me for?

    Edited to add: We are team green!
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  • How far along are you? 4 weeks 5 days

    Why are you high risk?I have a blood clotting disorder that puts me at high risk for miscarriages

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? Nope, Im also bummed I feel like the obgyns here dont take it seriously.Or maybe Im just taking it too serious?

    Any concerns/news currently? Not yet, just POAS every morning checking to see if Im still pregnant

    How are you coping being high risk? Im terrified. I didnt take the early loss well and I cant imagine how it would affect me if I had a loss later

    Any questions? Can I just go hibernate the next 35 weeks?
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  • @makingbacon The main thing that comes to mind is the NIPT stuff. (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)  I'm not sure how much of that they do for under 35 people or not?  Because I have nothing to compare to. lol But they do a nuchal screening ultrasound I believe about 11 or 12 weeks, and then one that is bloodwork, like a Quad Screening or something similar about 14 weeks.  If anything were to be flagged, then they sometimes want to move onto more invasive testing like amnio. :/ But you can always decline if you aren't interested in the extra testing.

    <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.ucsfhealth.org/medical-tests/nuchal-translucency-test">https://www.ucsfhealth.org/medical-tests/nuchal-translucency-test</a>
    <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/nipt-test">https://www.healthline.com/health/pregnancy/nipt-test</a>
    <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.nipt.com/">https://www.nipt.com/</a>
  • (((hugs))) @livingoffpbjs  It's hard when you don't feel like your provider can really empathize with where you are.  Do you think it might be time to shop for a new one?  I switched from baby no 1 to baby no 2 and I have #noregrets!  That said, it sounds like they are <i>aware</i> of your situation, drawing the extra labs, and trying to stay on top of it, so that's good. :) Beyond that, I'm not sure how much else they can really do?  Just kind of have to let things progress and take it as it comes, kwim?  But I'm also not a doctor and I don't know if they would start you on baby aspirin or be watchinging any other factors.  I'd hate to think for your sake, that you may not be getting the getting the best level of care possible. :/  Do you have any local friends you can ask who they see? Or check Yelp / WebMD?  Maybe you could find someone who understands high risk a bit better...
  • @BusinessWife The practice I go to is probably the best in the area. I did request my first appointment to be with the doctor that encouraged me to take shots the first 6 weeks after having our daughter, cause maybe he knows something a bit more about it? They havent asked for any extra labs or anything, nothing different then from any other pregnancy, they told me not to take baby aspirin, that if they go that route it wouldnt be until about 12 weeks. Ill just have to wait until my first appointment and see what they say :( Ill just sit here and worry my headoff, cant even have my wine lol
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  • @livingoffpbjs I'm so sorry you're going through this. Anxiety from unknowns during pregnancy is so hard.  
    [Deleted User]livingoffpbjs
  • @livingoffpbjs IDK if this may help you with the daily POAS, and feel free to keep doing what you need to do, if it helps you. :) But there are a few things that (when I'm thinking logically, anyway) help me calm my tits. 1. HCG doubles approximately every 48 hours.  So from one day to the next, it's not necessarily going to be this really dramatic change... but EOD?  Now there's a bigger change.  That why they do betas 48 hours apart, because even with bloodwork, that extra day in between gives them a lot more information than a 24 hour comparison would.  2. The other big thing is that depending on what tests you are using, the dye lots can vary a LOT, even within the same package.  So if it's going to throw you off to see a line a little more faint than the previous test, then that's maybe not necessarily all that helpful, because it could 100% just be the difference between the two control / test lines themselves, and have Absolutely Nothing to do with your levels.  2a. Which is related to that with the test lines, these things are not quantifiable.  So if just seeing a line there - any line! - is all it takes to ease your mind, then that's cool.  But only beta numbers are really going to give you an idea of whether the levels are actually progressing normally.  Line shading, as much as we all love to look at that stuff, is so subjective.  That said, I can't remember if you said - are you getting betas drawn?  Do you think your Ob / GP would order them for you if you asked, given your history?  Maybe that would ease your mind a bit more.  ((((hugs))))
  • @makingbacon In addition to what businesswife said, my ob in my last pregnancy induce up to a week early because they want to deliver the baby as early as possible while still being safe. I am not sure if this is common practice.

    How far along are you? 5 weeks

    Why are you high risk? AMA, thyroid (possibly subclinical hypothyroidism), and because of conceiving via IVF 

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? Nope

    Any concerns/news currently? Thyroid issues are very new to me, I don't love not really knowing what is going on and being newly pregnant. It was discovered through the IVF process...

    How are you coping being high risk? Overall fine, I was high risk last time and it didn't interfere, again just not sure how it willing play out with the new info.

    Any questions? Any input on pregnancy and thyroid will be appreciated!
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    uhm... so I have all the same things as you @axl0060 so maybe I actually go here? lol

    I have the same thing possibly going on with my thyroid.  They started me on 25miu of Synthroid, which I took when I was pregnant with my first, but because it was still in the normal non-pregnant range prior to pregnancy (below 4), I was able to just stop taking it after delivery.  I didn't need it at all for my second, but I'm on it for this one.  Bodies are weird!  I have been taking one 25miu pill daily, but now that we are pregnant, my nurse told me to take two pills per morning twice a week, and one pill the rest of the week, so increasing the dose to 9x/week instead of 7x/week.  I don't remember doing that last time, but I think I may have already been bumped all the way up to 50miu/day that time.
  • @BusinessWife lol without the thyroid, in my last pregnancy the other factors were there and I was treated as high risk so I am going with that :) I remember babies conceived through IVF have a slightly higher risk of heart issues (which my son didn't) so that was one thing the MFM checked for. As for my thyroid, I am on 50 miu now, once I am done with this clinic I will see an endocrinologist just to have it checked out further. 
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  • @axl0060 did you see the mfm for anything besides the fetal echo?  I had the fetal echo with my first, but then they cancelled it for my second due to covid (I guess it wasn't that important afterall?) and I had a similar test after she was born.  Other than that though, I wasn't being following by MFM.
  • @BusinessWife nope, at least from what I remember. I only went to them twice, the fetal echo was the second one and then i was good to go. Nothing else came up during pregnancy to warrent going to them again.
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  • @BusinessWife just seeing a dark line is helping me, I know they can vary but just seeing it there helps ease my mind some. I just have to watch out for the hook effect at some point. The doctors wont really do anything special right now, and I know getting blood draws wont keep the baby sticky so I just need to find ways to ease my mind.... with out wine haha

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  • I got my progesterone results and my first beta result yesterday. My beta was good, but my progesterone is 17.7 ng/ml. I know this is most likely fine, and they’ll most likely put me on progesterone anyways, but I’m now studying it way too much. Google actually says it’s fine, so I’m just being anxious for no reason it seems. 
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  • @makingbacon huggggs the anxiety is real
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  • Aw @makingbacon ((((hugs)))) Yeah, as far as I know that's totally fine.  I think that's probably about a perfect number, and exactly what they would expect to see without any supplementation on board.  FX supplementation helps ease your mind. <3
  • @makingbacon my progesterone fluctuated a bit between my betas. And my RE said they usually don’t supplement unless it falls below 10. Hope that helps! I was nervous about it too! 
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  • Thanks @livingoffpbjs @BusinessWife and @photographerwife I talked to the doctor, and they said they consider anything over 15 to be good, so I’m fine. It’s just weird because I was 26 ng/ml with my last pregnancy, and they had me use progesterone still. Maybe because he was conceived after 2 losses? I’m a little confused, but going with it. 
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  • Oh good! @makingbacon Sometimes even guidelines change, too.  Who knows.  Sometimes that helps me too to remember that if my provider isn't worried, I should try not to, either.  It's literally their JOB to worry about their patients' safety and well-being, kwim?  I'm glad they don't feel the need to supplement you. ((((hugs))))
  • angelz429angelz429 member
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    How far along are you? 5w0d

    Why are you high risk? AMA (35), second pregnancy was preterm, third pregnancy was TFMR due to severe IUGR secondary to placental insufficiency w/ worsening dopplers and chorioamniotic membrane separation. Pathology showed CHI (chronic histiocytic intervillositis) which is where my body attacks the placenta like it’s a transplant organ - with an 80% recurrence rate. 

    Any additional monitoring or testing this week? Early dating scan on Friday 6/18, with plan to start a LOT of antirejection meds. Will be having US every 2 weeks throughout the pregnancy. 

    Any concerns/news currently? Hubs isn’t super excited about being pregnant. Isn’t a huge baby fan and our loss was a vasectomy fail baby (the vasectomy actually failed). I wanted to ttc, he didn’t, but eventually got on board. He’ll get there once the baby’s here

    How are you coping being high risk? I just found out today so I’m a little in shock. My EDD for my loss was June 20 (Father’s Day) and I’m due Valentine’s Day… so like one holiday to another… and I’m excited and scared and it all really feels surreal. 

    Any questions? Natm
    [Deleted User]chgilmore
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