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Ten Things Tuesday 6.1

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Re: Ten Things Tuesday 6.1

  • 1.  Grateful to be pregnant today!!!
    2.  For the support of a few good friends
    3.  For the massive support of my TTGP friends
    4.  MILs help with the girls today
    5.   Working a short day to take BG for her checkup
    6.  Watching her grow up so fast is just amazing...
    7.  My doggie sleeping beside me is so cute, I don't want to disturb him
    8.  DD is learning so much and fun to interact with her on a daily basis as she grows into such a sweet little girl
    9.  Nice sunny weather out today
    10. DH - he is such a hard worker and a good provider for his family <3
  • @BusinessWife I’m with you on 1-3! 

    1. So grateful to be pregnant today! 
    2. For my wonderful, supportive husband.
    3. Great friends 
    4. a flexible work schedule
    5. my beautiful, smart 3 year old son. 
    6. My health
    7. At home pregnancy tests for peace of mind.
    8. The best nurses and doctors at my clinic, who have been so responsive and reassuring through this process.
    9. Chicken nuggets and tator tots for not making me nauseous 😂
    10. iced coffee! 


    [Deleted User]
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  • @BusinessWife AHHHH I didn't see your intro yet :D yay!
    @photographerwife love a flexible schedule! and chicken nuggets xD

    1. still being pregnant today!
    2. a spouse I can have open and honest communication with
    3. my GP for letting me do beta tests xD
    4. my therapist for listening to my anxiety
    5. supportive friends and family
    6. sweet potato fries
    7. coffee :)
    8. starting full-time work today!
    9. snuggly fur babies
    10. naps
    photographerwife[Deleted User]
  • @photographerwife @chgilmore nuggets, tots, and sweet potato fries sound all sound pretty perfect to me right about now.  Don't ask me why I'm having a salad. 🤦
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