Doing IVF Overseas - Cheaper But Chaotic/Shady!

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TW - loss/child mentioned

I am 40, America woman living in Jordan, doing IVF.  I explored the option with my husband in America a few years back and it was $25-30K.  Out of the question for us. It only costs about $4-7K here (more stimming drugs closer to 7) and so we started it. Currently stimming, hope to trigger and do ER late this week.

So financially the cost here is far more accessible, but I am slightly amazed at how chaotic my experience is when reading the boards. My drug doses seem to be super high doses (300 Gonal and 300 Menopur + now ceterotide for last 9 days), no pre-cycle BC or much attention to paid to the same time this doc is American board certified and has a successful record. Oh also, we pay cash for everything which sucks because was hoping to put things on credit card. The doctor's office staff are super not great, limited English, different medical attitudes, no privacy. But some of that cultural stuff is a given. 

Full disclosure, we are doing IVF for sex selection. I have a long, long history of MCs, (my last was a trisomy 13 fetus in March requiring a D&C hours before a transatlantic flight!) I have a step daughter who is almost 10 who I've raised full time. Also a 3.5 yo girl (timed intercourse with meds in the US with DC-area Shady Grove Fertility), and 1.5 yo girl (complete welcome surprise). I'm utterly grateful for these girls that came after many years of unexplained infertility (though a raft of small explanations: luteal phase defect, diminished reserves, low AMH etc levels).  The trisomy in March was also a female, hence we are nervous that the few good eggs that could come of this will be females too.  On the one hand I wouldn't mind 100 daughters - girls rock. :) On that other, husband is adamant that we won't implant transfer anything but a healthy male embryo so I have to honor that. Also our doctor is planning on reimplanting on Day 5 after ER, we decided to pass on the extensive chromosal testing, just for the XY and three Trisomies.  

That's my experience, in my line of work, mostly overseas, American female colleagues had told me that fertility treatments, from freezing eggs to IVF, is so much cheaper abroad and they are right - but comes with the price of a bit of chaos. Also, while the price is low, since it's not covered by insurance, its likely our only attempt for the foreseeable future. FX!

BTW, showing 7 follicles after 9 days stimming, one is 14 the rest 12, 10 and below so I'm really praying they grow, are healthy, and (eventually fertilized as) male.  Sending love and positive energy to everyone wherever you are in your journey....
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