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TWW weekend 5.29-5.30

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Typical LP length: 

Re: TWW weekend 5.29-5.30

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    Month/Cycle: 4/2

    CD/DPO: 43/10

    Timing: -3,-2,-1,O

    Typical LP length: 14?

    Testing: tested today because I have no self control BFN with a frer so I have one more of those so I’ll probably wait until Monday for that one. 

    R/R: I slept awful last night. I am looking forward to this weekend though. I’m glad I tested actually I won’t be thinking about it as much now. 


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    Month/Cycle: Final Treatment<div>(Six years since starting TTC)<div>
    <div>CD/DPO: CD22</div><div>
    </div><div>Timing: 5 day FET</div><div>
    </div><div>Typical LP length: 13/14

    </div><div>Testing: Ughhh.  Trigger shot will mess with your mind so much, there's almost no point. :/

    </div><div>R/R:  Unexpectedly, I had an amazing conversation with this lady who runs a local dance school / talent shop.  I was calling to find out recommendations for adult semi-beginner dance classes, and we made an appointment to talk later.  We were talking for like an hour and a half!  I can't even get into everything, but for starters she recommended taking a Barre class or two a week for fitness / conditioning, and recommended this world class professional dancer (who also teaches at the Barre studio), and she said even just one hour-long private dance lesson, she would be able to do a whole assessment and talk about my goals and help me get moving in the right direction.  Plus virtual tap classes!??? LOL omg.  What did I get myself into!? 😅 lol Anyway, I would love to start the Barre sooner, and maybe wait till after the show is over to start on the tap, I can basically do from home, which is awesome, and we can take it from there!  I'm so excited!  The show is going to be intense with rehearsals, but then afterwards, if I can swing those two Barre classes and a tap per week, that's more exercise, and Way more Dancing than I have been doing in a Very. Long time.  Bummer is I also have an order for a foot x ray, bc that's been bothering me, so hopefully it's nothing majorly debilitating because that would not be ideal right now, to have to go in a boot or something. :/

    </div><div>CS/Q:  NATM</div></div></div>
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    @BusinessWife ahhh! That’s so exciting - sounds like you found the perfect person to talk to! 
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    @daisy0322  Thanks!  Yes, I'm still kind of processing it all, tbh lol I'm sorry about the test.  But it's still early!  I will hope you have better news if you test again Monday (((hugs)))
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    @BusinessWife That is so cool! I'm excited for you. It is nice to have things going on outside of life besides work and family. Something for YOU. I have never been a dancer but I'd love to try an actual dance class one time. It is pretty intimidating so way to get out there. I did do Barre (Bar Method) for a few years. I lost 50 lbs doing it! I moved away from the studio though and there isn't anything like that here 😭. 
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    @BusinessWife thanks I’m not too down about it yet ... my husband was like “you said you would test until next week” (he said I should wait til Friday 😂) my response: 

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    Right????  Ugh with finally charting and seeing that you actually ovulated (!!!). How can you not!??? @daisy0322

    Thanks! You should totally try!  @kgg2241 I quite literally broke my foot once upon a time at a drop-in ballet class in NYC.  🙄 BUT AT LEAST I TRIED!!!! lmao but seriously, you should look online / call around.  You never know what's out there.  And I would imagine in a smaller town or whatever, people are going to be nothing but kind and helpful if they see you want to come out and learn. It doesn't have to be scary!
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