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Product Spotlight: Health and safety

Posting a few of these since we are behind! 

Recommendations for all things baby health and safety! I think this could mean lots of things: colic, snotty noses, humidifiers, baby-proofing, etc! Are you going to brave the Nose Frida? Are you a believer in gripe water? When do you start baby proofing? 

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Re: Product Spotlight: Health and safety

  • grogugrogu member
    The best gift I got at my shower for DD was a baby first aid kit, it pretty much had everything @CapricaAndrea listed above. 

    This time around I got an electric snot sucker because even though the nose Frida is amazing, I gagged every single time we had to use it 🤣

    Baby proofing can wait a bit until they are mobile IMHO. We already have all our furniture secured to the walls so there isn't a chance of it tipping over but door locks etc can wait because they are so annoying to deal with I'd rather not use them until baby is mobile. 

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  • My last house came pre baby proofed which was so nice! I bought it from a friend who had installed all the cabinet locks! 
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  • Lol I have thought of everything @CapricaAndrea mentioned except for the baby Tylenol! I agree that’s a must have on hand item, I remember my ex husband having to find a store open late at night for some baby tylenol when DD was a baby and ohhhh my goodness that was quite a night! I’m definitely going to be sure to have some on hand this go around lol these threads are a lifesaver for sure 😂 even as a second time mama I seem to be forgetting things. 
  • Yes to all of the above! 
    The Nose Frida is the best! I would also recommend the "Little Remedies" baby nasal spray. I still use it on my bigger kids. It's great at breaking down the gunk in their noses. I use the spray, and then about an hour later use the Nose Frida. Those two together are super stars for helping with congestion. 
    Also, I'm a fan of "Colic Calm" for my babies. It's a little pricey, but I feel like it worked really well.
    The Windii is also great. Seems weird, but I swear it works SO well to help relieve gas. 
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