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Product spotlights: blankets

Love em or hate em? Do you buy them or wait for the baby shower? 

Drop your favorites for swaddles and wearable blankets! Remember safe sleep guidelines for no regular blankets until babe is older. What do you like for the car seat or car? Any other special blankets? What about as babe gets older? 

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Re: Product spotlights: blankets

  • grogugrogu member
    Our place will be hot so baby will likely sleep in a gown with a receiving type blanket tucked tightly into the bassinet mattress or in a swaddle with arms out.
     I love sleep sacks so much for colder temps, you don't have to worry about them kicking blankets off as they get older. Another up side is that they make it harder for them to climb out of their crib 🤣

  • I don’t have a huge preference on swaddles or sleep sacks. I swaddled DD for as long as I could. When she aged out of those, we transitioned to the Magic Merlin sleep suit. 🙌🏻. She’d get sweaty in it, and I didn’t want to buy more than 1 bc of cost, but it really helped with the fright reflex. 
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  • I love the Halo sleep sacks. They work so much better than a swaddle IMO.
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  • I think I’m no help- my mom made pretty much everything for DD. I swaddled with blankets my mom made out of flannel- she uses a yard of fabric and finishes the edges. I know how to make them too, and I was thinking of trying to make a muslin one, but our room tends to be cooler at night so we may or may not need it.  It tends to stay together better than anything I’d been given for DD.  

    I haven’t used sleep sacks, but am not opposed to buying them this time around.  

    In the car I used a quilt or other larger soft blanket to lay across the car seat after DD moved into the convertible.  We still have a blanket in the car that she uses on cold days- it’s flannel on one side and minky (that soft fabric with little raised dots on it?) on the other side that my mom made. 
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  • I have these muslin swaddle blankets:

    and a soft customized blanket from Etsy with his name on it that won’t be used likely for a while, it’s just decoration for now until sids isn’t a threat anymore. I may use it in the car seat when it gets cold though. 

    I also have some gowns I ordered from Caden Lane and they’re sooooooo buttery soft! I plan on using those a lot more than the muslin swaddle blankets.
  • SwaddleMe for when they're tiny, Love to Dream "arms up" and the Merlin sleep sack for transitioning out of swaddles, and then the Halo sleep sacks for when they're older. 
    I haven't had a baby in 3.5 years, but I just googled to see what the "best" swaddles are for 2021, and all of the above still make the cut. They all worked well for us!
  • We used and loved the swaddles that had Velcro and just muslin swaddle blankets. After that we moved to the Merlin Sleep Suit then just muslin swaddle blankets - my daughter (almost 7) still uses her muslin blankets from when she was born so the boy will be getting his own. 
  • edited June 2021
    I love Aden + Anais swaddles. They are so light and soft and are great for keeping the chill off in over air conditioned spaces. DH was the swaddle king and liked the Velcro ones for night time during the early days. We eventually transitioned to the Magic Merlin suit, which worked so well for us.

    People loveee to buy blankets and swaddles for gifts so I would recommend not going bananas on these items until after your shower (if you are having one) or the baby arrives.

    ETA because I got the brand name incorrect. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    ETA2- I just looked at the Aden + Anais website and I am certain you can find these swaddles much cheaper at TJ Maxx or on Amazon. I definitely did not pay $55 for a pack of swaddles. 😐
  • I have a ton flannel swaddles my mom made for my boys, and a few Muslim blankets for the warmer weather. I’m going to try the halo sacks again, but my others weren’t fans of them. 

    I love the Aden + Anais and Cloud Island (Target brand) blankets. 
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  • I have an obsession with the muslin swaddles lol not sure why. Aden and Anais is a great brand. I didn’t use the swaddle sacks with my first child but I was gifted some for this baby and will be giving them a try.

    I also ordered some of the long gowns that can be tied on the bottom. I bought them from an online boutique called Caden Lane, and omg! They are so buttery soft, and I cannot wait to put it on LO! I def recommend them so far, we will see how good they actually are once baby arrives. 
  • @ashsowers2020 I ordered a gown with a matching hat! They are so soft, I can not wait to try them on our LO! 
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