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Weekly Randoms 5/23

Me: 29 | DH: 28
Due: 6 Nov 2021
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Re: Weekly Randoms 5/23

  • jenniferjoy37jenniferjoy37 member
    edited May 24
    Ready for this?! On Thursday I was having some really bad episodes of diarrhea (Sorry if that’s TMI), so I called my OB and asked if it could be the ZPack due to the sinus infection as I was on day 2 of the pills. I mentioned not being able to smell/taste either and I’ve read that’s a sign of sinus infection too. They asked that I go get a Covid test just to be safe. Guess who came back positive? Gah... one more thing to worry about and have on my plate. 

    So I’m off work for 10 days now, which may actually give me the time my body needs to rest, still feeling like shit even though I’ve been sick since Mother’s Day. I’m just over being sick in general. 

    Oh, and the real kicker is that my hubby got tested the day after me because his work asked him... his came back negative! What the heck?! I sleep beside this man every night, kiss him goodnight, and have shared drinks with him... *headsmack*

    Pretty sure I got it from a patient of mine in the hospital who was not marked properly as “Covid possibility, so use precautions”. Not very happy about that at all... 
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