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Hospital Bags

What’s in your birthing bag? 

STM- what items were useful that FTM may not think of? 

Re: Hospital Bags

  • I was in the hospital for over a week due to a failed 3 day induction followed by a c-section. Thankfully we live a few blocks from the hospital so DH could grab things that we needed. On top of the normal items (robe, going home outfit for baby) these are the things I found helpful and will pack for baby #2.

    -bath towel (sounds ridiculous but hospital towels SUCK and nothing is worse than using a thin, scratchy towel after giving birth)
    -pregnancy pillow and/or boppy
    -small speaker
    -long corded phone charger
    -iPad (I watched many episodes of the Office during my induction)
  • I prefer My Breast Friend over Boppy. I'll definitely bring that to the hospital again since it made breast feeding my newborn much easier. 

    Nursing bras/tanks 

    Mints or gum -- at our hospital we aren't allowed to eat while in labor but mints and gum were refreshing and gave me a sugar boost.

    Chap Stick & hair ties 

    Something to play music on during labor

    My "good luck charm" 

    Focal points for labor: Pictures of a place where I've felt strong and centered (biking through Big Sur), pictures of my older kids as newborns. 

    This time...adding my throw blanket -- it's always cold in hospitals and I hate sleeping there. Hoping this will bring me comfort. 

    I'm sure that I'm forgetting something. I hadn't thought about it yet this go around, and I can't believe that it's time to! 
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  • - long phone charger (and one for husband) 
    - Depends. This might be different in US hospitals but I’ve never been given these “mesh panties” that I’ve seen so many woman talk about
    - change of clothes, because if your water breaks in the clothes you show up at the hospital in, there’s no way you’re wearing them again. And make sure it’s still maternity clothes, you will not be much smaller than you were before birth, not right away. 
    - my own pillow with a coloured pillowcase so it can’t get mixed up with the hospitals 
    - snacks, because even if you can’t eat during labour, you’re still there for awhile afterwards 
    - Tums, cuz I sure still needed them 
    - some Gatorade and protein bars
    - I’m considering packing my breast pump and some bottles this time but only because I needed them with kid #2 and my husband had to go home and get them which wouldn’t be allowed with Covid. That was an unusual circumstance though and without it we just supplemented with formula provided by the hospital so it’s not really a necessity. 

    For baby:
    - diapers, because the hospital (again, maybe different in the US) only provided the first one 
    - newborn sized and 0-3m sized outfit, because you can’t be sure which will fit
    - wipes
    - make sure you’re familiar with your car seat beforehand. Practice on a doll. Follow Safe In the Seat on Instagram. Nurses may not always be able to tell you if your baby is secured properly! 

    I packed a lot more stuff than that based on other lists, but I think that was really all I actually used. You know yourself though, if you’ll feel more comfortable in your robe and slipper than a hospital gown, then pack that too, for example. 

  • I literally don't think I opened my hospital bag at the hospital except for our going home outfits? I was there 5 days because of the hemorrhage. My favorite necklace also got lost after they made me take it out. So this time I will go much more minimalist. Here's my list so far:
    • car seat
    • phone charger
    • clothes for me
    • clothes for baby
    • hair ties
    • nursing bras
    • nursing pads
    • flip flops (i was SO puffy going home due to all of the IVs and no shoes fit)
    • lanolin (thought the hospital can probs give you some)
    • comb/shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/toothbrush/deodorant
    • maybeeee my preferred wipes/dipes
    • wallet for ID to check in in case it's needed
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  • grogugrogu member
    @CapricaAndrea I'm in BC and we got all the mesh underwear and diapers! Crazy how it's so different between provinces. 

    My list so far 
    For me:
    -Birthing gown (more likely to be worn AFTER giving birth)
    - pillow
    -nursing pillow 
    -coconut oil in case I have to pump
    - extra clothes to go home in
    -extension cord
    -water bottle
    -all the snacks

    For baby:
    -preemie/newborn and 3m outfits because who knows how big she will be 
    -preemie diapers in case she is extra small, I'm not sure if the hospital has this size
    -car seat 

  • I just started my list the other day! Our hospital provides diapers, pads, mesh underwear, etc. but I bring a couple as backup. I also toss a single set of disposable nursing pads in (usually a free sample package), but I’ve never needed them at the hospital. My feet also get super cold, hence the socks and I like the grippy ones on the slippery floor after labour.
    • Nursing bra
    • Nursing pads (disposable samples)
    • Mesh underwear
    • Robe
    • Dress (going home)
    • Nursing tank
    • Grippy socks
    • Masks (?)
    • Face wipes
    • Shampoo
    • Toothbrush / toothpaste 
    • Lip balm
    • Hair ties / headband
    • Phone chargers
    • Clif bars
    • Underwear, socks, tshirt, shorts, deodorant, toothbrush (husband)
    • Onesie / outfit for baby
    I brought a Bluetooth speaker for my first and had a birth playlist. BB2 was 3 weeks early and I did not have this stuff. I probably won’t bother with this again this time as it really didn’t make a difference for me and like @claireloSC I’m keen to keep it minimal. 
  • Yea... honestly hospitals are kind of gross and I try to bring as little into it that I'm have to take back and wash/sanitize (like my own pillow/speakers etc) but my labor last time was also pretty fast so didn't really have time to use anything we packed either. Someone actually suggested packing separate pre-delivery vs post-delivery bag which I think is a good idea, since you'll be moving rooms anyway. 

    I'll probably bring clothes for me and baby, robe?, and some toiletry (hospital toiletry sucks) and phone chargers but not much else. We got all the ice pads/maxi pads and mesh undies and a nearly full pack of NB diapers from the hospital last time. They also gave little sample tubes of lanolin. Didn't have pump but I know my friends requested pumps through the LC and got them. 
  • Of course there's the regular stuff you think of - clothes for after, toiletries, phone charger, going home clothes for baby. But there's weird stuff too - like chapstick (or lanolin, which is even better as chapstick), cash for your partner to get snacks from the vending machine, a mini bottle of champagne or something celebratory, really nice travel-sized toiletries so that first shower feels luxurious, cozy socks, a good book/iPad, a mini box of tissues, my favorite cup with a flexible straw. Actually, the best thing I brought when DD was born was a gigantic (costco sized, literally) container of trail mix. I ate the entire thing in the 48 hours after she was born.
  • Does anyone have experience with what to bring for a birth center birth? I know it may vary a lot with what they provide, but I'm thinking there may be some extras I need to pack because it's not a hospital, as well as some things I don't need because we'll only be there a few hours after delivery (assuming all goes well).
  • @shoogapoff per friends, they liked having a bathing suit top or sports bra (plus if it is a nursing sports bra) for shower/tub laboring. 
  • @shoogapoff I've heard from others that they don't provide diapers/wipes/ect for baby. You can always call/check with the center to see if they have a list of recommendations.

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  • @loloyoyo26 I have to hear how you accidently melted the straw....

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  • It was such a dumb mistake. 🤦🏽‍♀️  I forgot to take it out of the lid then ran the whole thing through the dishwasher.  I got back home and smelled melted plastic.  Opened up the dishwasher, and yep, my poor straw was annihilated. 
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  • @loloyoyo26 That's too funny! One time I put a reusable plastic water bottle in the dishwasher, and it basically shrunk from the heat! It came out looking like a slightly-deformed doll version of itself! 
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    These lists are super helpful! I can’t even remember what I packed for myself or DD my first pregnancy. I want to get started on mine and baby’s hospital bags so bad, but I know it’s still super early (Im 30 weeks on Friday). So, when is it usually “time” to pack the bag? 34 weeks? I’ve been hard core nesting lately!! 
  • @ashsowers2020 yeah like 36 weeks or so unless you're having twins or something where you know you'll be early
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    I agree with eating and resting but don’t overeat.  I’ve thrown up at both births, both inductions and natural and being too full is not fun.  Do eat a good sustaining meal but don’t stuff yourself.
  • I agree with everyone above. I’ll add my 2 cents for any mamas who are planning on having a c-section. 

    - Try to pack a comfy pair of yoga pants/leggings for coming home. You don’t want to wear something that will irritate your incision. I’m planning on wearing a nursing gown/dress that I came across on Amazon. 
    - Shampoo/conditioner as you’ll be there a few days, and your hair might feel gross after a while. 
    - Flip flops/easy slip on shoes, again because of the incision and bending over suuuucks. 
    - I always brought the inserts from the baby books for the ha de and foot prints. Only one time, did the nurses give me extras, and that was all them! 
    - I never brought pillows or towels, but you could totally do so! I just didn’t want to deal with more items to pack and then bring back home. 
    - Nursing pillow if you’re nursing or sports bras and bottles if you’re choosing the formula route.
    - Chapstick!! My lips get so chapped when I’m in the hospital.
    - Extra long charging cord, and maybe your iPad or tablet for all the middle of the night feedings while you’re in the hospital. 
    - Take two coming home outfits with you. NB and 0-3, because you never know how big baby will be. My first weighed 7lbs 7oz and went was stuffed into his NB coming home outfit. My 3rd was 9lbs and 5oz and needed all the NB clothes. Apparently their lengths played a major role in that dept. oops. 
    - Both hospitals I delivered at before provided diapers, wipes, and baby soap for baby. As well as all the mesh undies, pads, and a peri bottle for me. Apparently the hospital I’m delivering at this go around is doing the same. Especially with Covid. Anything that will be in our room for baby or me is allowed to come with us. 
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