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Insomnia and fertility?

Hi! Did any of you experience insomnia and had no issues conceiving? We got pregnant on our first try with our first but I’ve developed some post partum insomnia after birth and am afraid it’ll affect my chances of getting pregnant the second time around. Any insight would be appreciated :)

Re: Insomnia and fertility?

  • Hi,

    I think it would be a better option to consult your GP regarding the same. Definitely, he/she will guide you with the best solution. 

  • My sister has the same now. I think she should consult a doctor like you as well 
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  • I believe that speaking with your general practitioner about the matter would be preferable. He or she will undoubtedly provide you with the ideal remedy.
  • Hi, while I'm unable to offer personal experiences, I find that reading comments from top fertility experts on fertially is one of my preferred sources of information when I need more details or reliable insights. x
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