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Randoms- 5/17

What’s going on this week?

Re: Randoms- 5/17

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    @surrenderdorothy oh no! Hope your midwife has some insight. My friend was having contractions for about three weeks before they decided to break her water at 38 weeks. Glad your's are just BH.

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    Oh friend. I'm so sorry @surrenderdorothy - could it be prodromal labor? I had intense prodromal labor for weeks with my other two and it was so hard
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    @surrenderdorothy I had a prenatal class this weekend and something that I found helpful is the distinct differences between BH and labour. 

    Irregular timing
    Felt in front only 
    Can change with movement 
    Usually doesn't get stronger 

    Felt in front and back
    Regular time intervals
    Continues through changing positions (and if you need to stop what you're doing and breathe is when you go to hospital)
    And they get stronger as time goes on.

    I'm having  what I think are severe gas pains, only in my left side both back and front,  for the past 3 hours... Why is everything painful. 😥
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    Ugh @surrenderdorothy! I have BH all day every day and it’s such a pain. Mine started at 19 weeks. With my daughter, they started around 26-28 weeks and I ended up in OB ED and a bunch of non-stress tests. Mine would be every 5 minutes, but go no where. I talked to my OB about it at my last visit, but she just told me to increase my water intake (what I figured she’d say!!). I think I’m just prone to them. I took some magnesium last night to see if it would help. Mine were less today but have picked up this evening. 
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    I’m so sorry, @surrenderdorothy.  I hope things let up and you were able to get answers at your midwife appointment. 
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    Thanks for the kind words and commiseration ladies. 

    @BourbonBiscuits I also had prodromal labor and it was awful. 😫

    @doodlemom131 that info is great, thanks! It does help calm my anxiety about what is likely BH vs real contractions. Thanks for sharing.

    @emmylou78 I think we are just SOL and in the crampy pregnancy camp. That was essentially what my midwife’s opinion was. She gave me a list of things to look for (water breaking obvi, blood, fluid, irregular discharge) but otherwise I have her blessing to just wait these out at home in the future unless I feel like I need to be seen. She reviewed my tests from last night and other previous tests and has no reason to suspect this is related to or indicative of future preterm labor. I feel a lot of comfort with this approach, and I’m sure less anxiety will go a long way in keeping these contractions under control. Last night I was panic googling ‘babies born at 28 weeks’ and that was NOT helpful.  
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    @cluckymama I hope you are feeling better after your appointment on Friday. I’m glad you were able to rest. 
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    @surrenderdorothy ugh, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this but I'm glad it sounds like you're at least getting in a better mental place about it now. Fingers crossed that it remains an annoying but benign inconvenience for you!

    @cluckymama that solid night of sleep (well, afternoon + night, I guess!) sounds amazing. Hope you're feeling refreshed now and that your new med helps keep things under control.
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    cyanopecyanope member
    @surrenderdorothy, I'm so sorry you're dealing with that, but glad you got some reassuring advice from your OB. The second-guessing every little thing is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy for me!
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    cyanopecyanope member
    edited May 2021
    Sorry you're struggling @cluckymama! My anxiety has been INSANE this pregnancy, so I feel your pain. Everything sets me off and I have CONSTANT heart flutters. Then I start questioning whether the heart flutters are just anxiety-related or if If I should be worried. Which then doesn't help the anxiety. It's such a roller coaster ride! I'm glad you were able to get some rest and hope that things calm down for you.  <3
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    @surrenderdorothy - That sounds stressful! 

    @cluckymama - Oh no! Anxiety is the worst! I'm glad your doctor was able to give you something. My husband has panic attacks and they can be really scary!
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    Thanks ladies! I am feeling better. I have moments when the anxiety gets really bad but i am usually able to calm myself!
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    @cluckymama, I've had an anxiety disorder since I was in high school. It's only now gotten fairly under control through therapy and consistent medication. Solidarity. I'm glad that you took care of yourself. I was concerned about continuing my medication in pregnancy, but my psychiatrist assured me that in my situation it was better for me and the baby to continue with it. 
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    Add me to the anxiety train. My hormones were so good the first 2 tris, but it's destroying me now.  Going to see if I can get through this wave and consider therapy/meds again. 
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    Add me to the anxiety situation. My OB wanted to put me on meds but info’s told feel comfortable with the chance of the meds interacting with my blood thinners so I’m planning on managing with therapy like I did last time with my ppd/ppa. 
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