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Fetal Arrythmya/ dropped or extra beats

Hey ladies, I am trying not to get too worked up because my doctor is quite sure it's benign, but I'm 25 weeks and on Thursday my doctor discovered he appears to have a fetal arrythmya. His heartrate is normal for 3- 4 beats, then will either pause or give an extra beat and pause. Apparently this is common...but I cannot find anyone who has experienced this. I'm being sent to a high risk OB on Tuesday for further checking to be safe. Has anyone gone through this or known anyone who has? Apparently they normally resolve themselves around birth and don't cause issues. But of course I'm over here wondering if I'm one of those 1 in like 20,000 babies with major issues. Any reassurance??

Re: Fetal Arrythmya/ dropped or extra beats

  • @sparks31211 I'm sorry you are going through this extra stress and testing. No experience here, but wishing you the best for the high risk appt. And fx it resolves on it's own!

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  • @sparks31211 I'm sorry I have no experience to share but sending my best wishes 💚 I do know how easy it is to go down the 1 in x road and it's not an easy time. Just take it a day at a time, make every effort to stay away from Google, or have a friend do the googling for you and keep the ridiculous stuff away from you.
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  • @sparks31211 I used to work in pediatric cardiology (as mental health support) and I sat in on fetal echos all the time. I saw some consults for arrhythmia, but even in the worst case scenario, they were very manageable or, as you said, resolved after birth. Obviously this is anecdotal and your Dr will know best, but hopefully that is at least a little reassuring. 
  • @shoogapoff thank you SO much. This is by far the most reassuring thing I've heard. Thank you for sharing!! 
  • @sparks31211 Glad to hear the good news!
  • @sparks31211, glad you got some good news and reassurance!
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