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Labor/Birth Stories

Hi Mamas! Feel free to share your past labor/birth stories here. It's a great read for FTMs to help prepare for all possible outcomes, and fun for the rest of us to read and reminisce as well! Just in time for Mother's Day Weekend <3


Re: Labor/Birth Stories

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  • paulpawpaulpaw member
    @nasalot188 woah those are quick deliveries! 
  • @emeraldcity1214 it's so crazy how different all your labors were! I've never had the epidural, but I do agree that med-free is a very nice recovery. With both mine I was up walking almost immediately. I kinda want to experience the epidural just for my own sake to compare...but I doubt I'll get the chance haha. 

    @penny624 I'm right there with you with the fear of needles. I spent my whole first pregnancy terrified of getting the epi and so much anxiety about it, only to not have the chance to get it anyhow. But what a waste of worrying! lol I hear they try to administer it as you are having a contraction so that way you barely feel it? 
  • penny624penny624 member
    @nasalot188 The anxiety about getting it was definitely the worst part!  And I can't speak from experience about when they do it during actual labor, but I've heard that as well! I never went into labor for either one of mine, so I was fully aware what was about to go down. 
  • @nasalot188 You aren’t missing anything. I feel like if I had not gotten the epidural with my second I could have easily pushed her out and avoided the episiotomy. The recovery from that was long and hard and had lasting effects due to nerve damage. I don’t recommend it. Especially if you are able to manage a med free labor and delivery. 
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @nasalot188 I had an epidural with my first and not with my second. The difference in labour is crazy, but because of the epidural I couldn’t feel a thing and I think it made everything go slower. I’m hoping to go med free again this time (probably won’t have a choice anyways lol) just because it went SO much faster and I was able to respond to my body instead of just pushing when the monitor showed a contraction. Also with covid I was able to leave 3 hours after giving birth which I wouldn’t have been able to do post epidural! 
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    Oops that turned into more than a nutshell, even though I left a bunch out. Oh well.
  • penny624penny624 member
    @Aerialmrs First, I am so sorry you had to go through that.  It's so incredibly sad to hear first-hand that there are places that function like this, with no consideration for any type of support or help.  I'm glad you had good midwives to watch out for you, but as far as the hospital goes, why would people choose to work in a hospital where the main focus should be the patient if they literally don't care about the patient!  

    Glad you are in a better location now with access to a better really does make all the difference in the world!  
  • Sorry I should have added its called a prolapsed umbilical cord, what made our experience so rare was that I had not had an epidural yet. I tried to edit my post
  • muggsdmuggsd member
    @bluebell08 wow, what a story! You are an incredible mama. So happy that you got the care you needed and that you were able to advocate for yourself! 
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