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September 2021 Moms

Migration Poll

What would you like to do? Feel free to add other comments/suggestions.

Migration Poll 31 votes

I'm ready to move to FB now
32% 10 votes
I'm ready to move to a Bump PG now
6% 2 votes
I want to keep everything public right now and move later
12% 4 votes
I'll do whatever the majority agrees on
48% 15 votes

Re: Migration Poll

  • marymh80marymh80 member
    Can there be an option for "I'm ready to move, but not picky about venue"? 
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  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    @marymh80 I'm not sure how to edit the poll, maybe choose that's you'll do whatever the majority agrees on? Unless someone can help me figure out how to edit!
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  • bluebell08bluebell08 member
    I would move to a private facebook group for sure! I'm less active on this board bc its harder to access. 
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    bumping, in case others missed this!
  • ageaagea member
    I’m happy to move to either, I voted for private first as it’s what I’ve done before. But would also be excited to be done with the bump for good.
    however, to me the bigger consideration is how to agree to screen/approve in a fair way. I don’t want to be exclusionary but am very conscious of privacy and catfish. BTDT.

  • @agea I agree with that. I don’t really want to share my full name with randos however I do like the fb platform better and find it easier to check. 
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    @agea Agreed! I'll volunteer to be on the "team" of admins if at least 2 others will join me (that way we can vet each other). In other groups there's been something like a privately messaged or emailed photo of you showing face and belly holding a handwritten sign with today's date and your bump screen name, and that's after already being approved somehow here on TB public group. Like maybe each person who wants to join FB has to get a certain number of "love its" which just means at least that many others recognize their name and know them to be active. Do you guys know of better ways to vet members? I've just been reading some of the other BM groups migration discussions to see what they did.
  • I agree that there needs to be some way to approve members. I don’t feel that anyone who suddenly pops up out of nowhere should necessarily be guaranteed a spot. We need to actually be able to recognize the name. 
  • ageaagea member
    @Aerialmrs I’ll be an admin with you.

    So we’d have a separate thread and anyone that wants to join FB comments there with a request.... then each comment requires a determined number of likes (which signify recognition)? And anyone who is on the cusp, the admins review their participation?

  • ageaagea member
    In my last group, during the private group stage we also let people who’d only just started to participate still have an oppt to join later after visible participation for a few weeks on the main thread. So that’s an option for more recent people?
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    @agea I'm comfortable with that too. I could be convinced to continue posting here occasionally for awhile.
  • emjeveemjeve member
    @Aerialmrs I’d be willing to admin with you, too!

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  • @agea I like that idea too since it seems like a few people are coming back now after a couple rough weeks. I will probably keep checking both places for awhile once we move or else I won’t remember how far along I am 😂😂
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    The poll is leaning heavily toward moving to FB. It wouldn't hurt to get it going now, we can always continue to post here for the next month or two to make sure there aren't stragglers.

    @agea and @emjeve I'll private message you both, it looks like we can all 3 be in a message...
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    and in figuring out how to private message someone on TB, I found a very helpful message from @emeraldcity1214 from way back in January when I asked about facebook group suggestions. Thanks! Facepalm for not seeing it until months later!
  • ageaagea member
    @Aerialmrs where can I find the private message?? I have no idea. This friggin app.
  • ageaagea member
    Sorry I found it finally!
  • AerialmrsAerialmrs member
    @emjeve can you see my private message?
  • emjeveemjeve member
    @Aerialmrs how do you see messages? I can’t find it! 🤦‍♀️

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  • emjeveemjeve member
    Ahhh! Thank you @agea

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