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May Healthy Habits

Hi Everyone! It’s a new month, and we're getting closer to the big day!  Exercise is important but so are rest, wholesome food, and sleep.  

Post your efforts, your successes, and your struggles here!

Here are some things to maybe get you thinking:

What healthy habits have you embraced?

Are you trying anything new?

Does anything seem like it’s going well? Not going well? 
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Re: May Healthy Habits

  • I did really well with my step challenge last month, so I’m going to try again for May! 

    Last night I tried a guided meditation for mindful walking and I enjoyed it. I did well with meditation last month up until my therapy appointment and then I went into a real slump, which is pretty interesting! So I’m going to keep up with the guided meditation for mindful walking, since I’ll be walking anyway.
  • So far, second tri has been good to me so I’ve been doing better with activity.  I’m going to be completing another Strava challenge this month- to walk 50 km in the 31 days of May.  The distance, 50km equals out to 31.1miles, so completing a mile a day or more will get me there. 

    I’m struggling with food- I just don’t feel like eating all the healthy foods I normally consume. I’m hoping that the slowdown that comes with the end of semester helps me to stay on track better. 

    @pickle-chips, that’s awesome! Keep up the good work! 
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  • I have been doing great with walking. At least two miles daily since having a large energetic dog makes it easy to stay motivated.
    We also went for a hike today, and it was great to be in nature I definitely could feel the difference between my daily walk and a real hike though. My heart was working a bit harder! 
    I am thrilled to report that the excellent prenatal yoga class I took with both kids is now meeting in person. I will be able to attend my first class this Friday. The teacher is also a nurse midwife who works at the hospital where I'll be delivering. 
  • Does anyone use a Fitbit? Or an Apple Watch? Or other smartwatch/fitness tracker? I had a Fitbit Flex years ago, but I lost the tracker (it fell out of the band). I've been going back and forth between the Fitbit Versa and an Apple Watch. 
  • I have a Fitbit Charge now but I’ve had a Fitbit since about 2015.  I like seeing my stats and I’m okay staying here for now. I have an iPhone and found an app that uploads my Fitbit info into the apple health app.  DD has a Fitbit ace because she wanted to be like Mom, so we look at her stats too and can compete so that is a nice feature if you have kids that are interested in that kind of thing. My younger sister loves her versa and it seems like it’s somewhat comparable to the Apple Watch, just cheaper. 

    I’m no help though too because I’ve also been wavering about getting an Apple Watch vs a Versa too.  My number 1 reason for the watch is that you can have a separate phone line for your Apple Watch to use GPS.  So then I wouldn't have to carry your phone with you on workouts if I didn’t want to.  I could also delete the other app if I had the Apple Watch since my watch would automatically update to the health app.  

    Samsung also has watches that can be connected as a separate phone line also.  My other sister has one of those and loves it- she has a Samsung phone to match the watch so I figure that affects her perception slightly. 
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  • I have the Versa! you can definitely wear it away from your phone and it will sync when you get back to it. It's all pretty seamless and it us much less expensive. Easy decision for me because I have an Android. I haven't been wearing it during pregnancy due to my wrists hurting but I've had it for years and it's been great. I like to get new, cuter wristbands from Etsy. Really don't have any complaints about it, it works well and I can get my texts and stuff on it.
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  • Thanks for the input @claireloSC!  That is good to know.

    I’ve been doing good so far with my May challenge to walk 50km this month.  I’m a little over a quarter of the way through my total distance, and my eating is getting better now that my stress has dropped some.  

    @coastalmomma3, Did you make it to yoga today?

    @pickle-chips, how are steps and meditation going?
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  • moeraemoerae member
    @pickle-chips I have an Apple Watch and it’s great! It reminds me to stand up and move around if I’ve been sitting too long etc. And trying to close my rings is pretty motivating. Especially since I get notifications that my parents have completed their rings/met their fitness goals (you can choose the people that you share with) I think if you are already in the Apple camp, it might make the most sense, though they are pricey... I don’t know how it compares to the other gadgets on the market. 

    I am jealous of the prenatal yoga class @coastalmomma3! Nothing open around me. 

    I’m struggling with the healthy eating too @loloyoyo26. I don’t eat a bunch of junk, but I also am not eating a lot of salads or something. But I do eat out for lunch most days. I see the weight piling on quickly recently (and after I did so well 1st tri), so now I’m worried. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll hear it from my doc in a couple of weeks 🙈
  • litzi-2litzi-2 member
    yoga sounds amazing! our prenatal one isn't open last i checked. i'll probably social distance for the rest of the pregnancy anyway, despite being vaccinated (because covid and variants terrify me). I'm still doing beachbody on demand, mostly just modifying barre. still doing obe prenatals on days i need something a bit shorter. so working out is going ok most days. but i'm hungry!! we eat vegan/ WFPB, so pretty healthy in general. but i'm grabbing sweets for a snack way too much. I just made chocolate almond butter cookies, lol. i wish i had more time to plan meals better, but its so busy this month, and probably for the rest of pregnancy (working as much as possible to save for leave, and trying to complete a million projects at home). cooking is so time consuming! 
  • @litzi-2, what is WFPB? (My guess is wheat free, plant based but I don’t know for sure). 

    That is awesome- in the last year I’ve shifted to having more plants less meats/animal products but I haven’t gone full on.  I’ve noticed too that I’m eating more sweets this pregnancy- anything from juices to candy that I don’t normally eat.  It’s crazy. 
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  • litzi-2litzi-2 member
    @loloyoyo26 it just means whole food plant based (try to avoid processed junk, with variable success!)
  • @loloyoyo26, thanks for checking in! Yes, I did make it to yoga on Friday. It felt so good to be doing an in person class again. While the YouTube Yoga videos have been a decent substitute during COVID, I noticed that I'm apt to work much harder in person. Visiting with my fomer teacher and meeting other moms to be felt like such a treat too. 
    This teacher structures the class as if we are in the stages of labor -- initial, easier poses that we are in for a brief time (the contraction if you will) are short, then as the class/imagined labor progresses the poses get more difficult and are held for a longer period of time. At the end of class we work on pelvic floor exercises to simulate the second stage of labor. As a midwife, she updates us on what of our bodies would be doing at each stage in labor as well. Because of this format, I feel much more physically and mentally prepared. 
    I'm hoping to attend more classes, but my childcare situation makes it possible only 2-3 days per month. 
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