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Hormones abound! What ridiculous thing made you cry?

This was a fun topic in my previous bump groups. What completely silly thing has made you cry recently? 

Not this pregnancy, but my first, was when Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You was still new and on the radio all the time and it made me bawl my eyes out. Particularly the “come on be my baby” line and “every day discovering something brand new”. It still made me choke up for months after he was born too 😂 

Re: Hormones abound! What ridiculous thing made you cry?

  • I get all misty eyed every day when my daughter gets on the bus, out of the car, or off the bus coming to and from school.  It’s worse than it was on her first day of kindergarten back in September. 
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  • Last night was playing cards and no one heard me say "pay me" for one last round. And instead, they each got 2 more turns. DW thought I was crazy. Thanks hormones 😂

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  • I was a crying mess one night because my husband was too busy with something for work to go with me to take our dog on an evening walk...seriously the most ridiculous thing. 
  • DW locked herself out the other day so I tried to install a lockbox by myself on the porch and the screws wouldn't got in all the way with the drill and I needed to make DW help me and I was so mad/frustrated I cried. 
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  • I decided to give up my retail shifts because we are having a variant outbreak here, but I BAWLED my eyes out the entire time I was writing the email to my boss. I felt so guilty. 
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    A couple months ago I was watching Firefly Lane and there was a scene where a dog was put down. Typically I'd find that upsetting, but I was ugly crying. 
  • @coastalmomma3 ouf that was a hard show to watch at times!
  • @doodlemom131 I had read the book by Kristin Hannah that it was based off of, so I was prepared for much of it, but animals always get me in the feelers. It seems like they're going to do a second season? At least the way they left things.
  • @surrenderdorothy, I was dancing with my son to the credits if Lion King last night and had a similar thought --he hugs me around the waist now when we dance but someday he'll be towering above me, dancing with me at his wedding. 
  • @coastalmomma3 @doodlemom131 Animals dying in movies gets me every time. Pregnant or not...... I will not watch certain movies if I even suspect that a poor little puppy will dye. 

    @surrenderdorothy There was a group of girls all dressed up for prom at a Mexican restaurant and and they were eating chips and salsa. I was just in awe that someone would take that risk. I literally spill salsa on myself every time I eat it.

    But my daughters went up to them and told them how pretty they looked and when we left I told them someday that will be you going to prom and it made me choke up a bit. 
  • I posted this on another thread, but reposting here bc it belongs on this one lol if you come across it on the other one please ignore. I don’t know how to delete comments. Anyway, this is not really crying for a ridiculous reason but I feel it fits here better than the other thread. 

    I have been an emotional wreck my entire pregnancy! Happy or sad cries. For absolutely no reason at all I’ll just cry. My hormones are throwing me for a loop! But anyway yesterday was probably the first cry for a legit reason. My first pregnancy I had copays for each visit and a $125 hospital bill and that was it. I had one ultrasound and I can’t even remember how much that cost me but I don’t think it was much. I’m thinking I must have had great insurance because this go around is costing a fortune! I was literally in tears asking MH if we could even afford to ever have another child with how expensive it is getting right now. Does anyone else here have awful health insurance?? Mine sucks. And we were just reaching our deductible when it all reset may 1st. Luckily it’s a slightly better deductible now, but I’m starting from Scratch 3 months before I have this baby. There’s no way I’m meeting the deductible before then so I’m going to end up paying for it all in full anyway. 

    I had to put $500 down for labor/delivery because at the time when they sat down with the total costs of everything I would have met my deductible and insurance would cover 80% which would have left me with $500 for my portion. And now that my deductible reset, I’m starting over and will likely be billed more.

     My ultrasound bills that are due (previous insurance paid pretty much nothing towards them!) are outrageous! It was originally $1300 from the hospital the ultrasound was at (they explained it as a facility and equipment fee!) and insurance knocked it down to $924. And then I got a $202 bill from maternal fetal medicine for the ultrasound service/ administrative fees which was originally $208 and insurance only put $6 toward it. So $1100 for one ultrasound! My 12 week scan cost $194 from MFM and $198 for the hospital fees. And I have another one coming up in a few weeks (growth scan) that i am hoping is not too much. Please tell me I’m not the only one paying an arm and a leg to have a baby! He’s totally worth it though 🥰 
  • @ashsowers2020 I am so sorry you're dealing with all that! Definitely a legit reason to cry and it's absolutely criminal that having a baby is so expensive in this country (I'm assuming you're in the U.S. but if you're not, it's criminal that it's that way there too). Can you ask about what the cost is for the next ultrasound ahead of time? Maybe if you express to your doctor that you are concerned about the bill they can either let you know if it's truly necessary (like if they have concerns that need to be monitored or if they just ordered it because it's routine at this stage) or suggest somewhere else to get it done that would cost less.
  • @the_most_happy yes, I live in the US :). The growth ultrasound is necessary bc I am at risk for preeclampsia. I had severe hypertension when I was pregnant with my daughter and almost had her preterm so they definitely scheduled it bc it’s necessary. If it weren’t for all that I would not be doing it at this point. But it is a great idea to ask them if they can give me an estimate ahead of time! I need to wait until insurance switches over to the new insurance first. That’s a whole other reason I was upset yesterday lol new insurance through my H’s job was supposed to start may 1st but they dropped the ball on getting everything together before may 1st (although they assured him that medical visits starting may 1st will be taken care of and we will be considered to be insured from May 1). In the past they have renewed the insurance they had but the deductible was doubling and so was the premium so his job switched to another insurance. The lady that handles all that (they don’t really have HR) started on it the Friday before last, giving the employees the paperwork to enroll and asking them to complete it by last Thursday. although she’s known for months now they were going to switch carriers. She was out two days last week and they were closed Friday for a local holiday. SO, since not everyone had all of their paperwork in by Thursday she just submitted it all yesterday when the last person turned his paperwork in. So basically we’re not insured right now and she told my husband that if we need to go to the dr or er for anything to just pay out of pocket and file a claim when insurance starts and they will reimburse us for whatever they will cover on everything from the 1st of may forward. The fact that she kinda shrugged it off like it’s no big deal really upset me, especially because she’s on her husbands benefits so it doesn’t affect her at all. But we don’t have that kinda money to give up front. So we’re just sitting here on standby waiting for her to let us know everything is good to go. ANYWAY, lol so sorry for the rant about that. Yesterday was an all around bad day for me. But once our health insurance starts I’m going to take your advice and call the MFM and see if they can give me an estimate. At the very least I’ll be prepared. We unfortunately do not have another place in our area that does ultrasounds, which is probably why they charge so much.
  • @ashsowers2020 I'm sorry that it's so stressful to have a baby financially speaking. I have paid for 1 ultrasound, all appt visits and the Dr delivery fee for an unmedicated birth. Now I will also be having monthly growth scans and looking like a medicated birth, so that should be costly.

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  • The last episode of WandaVision. A really good (I mean REALLY good) grilled cheese sandwich. When my daffodils died after Easter. All. The. Things. Make me cry.
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    Got an email from DD's EAK (Early Admission Kindergarten) teacher this week. She has hit all of her benchmarks early and has moved on to Kindergarten goals. She's in a Spanish immersion program, so I'm extra impressed by her progress. Instead of being super happy about it, I started balling. I mean, I'm insanely proud of her, so why did this email make me so weepy? Hormones are flippin' weird. 
  • @ashsowers2020 Okay, I do all of our enrolling at my work for health insurance and have dealt with insurance companies a lot in my private life too. If you want any help with anything, I would love to help you. Here are a few little pointers:

    Sounds like a HDHP Plan if there is no copay? If so, make sure you set up an Health Savings Account so that all of your money is tax free (up to a certain dollar amount for a family vs single)

    Check into what your deductible vs max out of pocket is. Some plans go off of a per person deductible (that adds up to the family deductible) or some plans just do a total family deductible. Ex: Our plan has an $8,000 family deductible but I personally only have a $4,000 deductible of that. So when I have the baby, my deductible will be met and goes toward the full family deductible(i.e. the family will then only have $4,000 left). After that we have a max out of pocket that is paid by a co insurance - meaning the insurance company will pay a percentage of the bill and I will be responsible for the rest which will go toward our max out of pocket.

    As long as the lady that set everything up did it correctly, you will be covered as she stated. I would not pay the bill out of pocket but wait for them to bill you. Hopefully by the time you get said bill, you will have your ID# and can call the hospital financial office and tell them to rerun it through your insurance. If you still don't have the ID# I would call the insurance company and see if they can at least get you the number and if you don't have it, make the lady that set everything up call and get it for you. I would think they should have it by 30 days. 

    If you have any other questions, hopefully I can help! Hopefully what I said makes sense! If you want me to clarify anything, let me know!

  • I (almost) cried because my husband was 15 minutes late coming home. The kids were bickering soooo much this afternoon and I had been counting down the minutes until I got a break. Feeling much better after a solo walk with the dog. Actual picture of me waiting "patiently." 
  • So I've been having this weird thing where I feel like I actually cry way less easily than I did before pregnancy... I definitely get more irrational/emotional (usually more in the sense of irritation/anger, lol), but I feel like I've had this block around crying. I've shed a few tears over the past five months but I honestly feel like a real crying jag would do me some good!
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